Lenovo intelligent Computing Orchestration

Lenovo Intelligent Computing Orchestration

Lenovo intelligent Computing Orchestration

Acelera la revolución de la inteligencia

Ya sea que tu objetivo sea reducir la complejidad del uso de un clúster HPC masivo o simplificar el desarrollo y la implementación de aplicaciones de AI, LiCO ofrece una interfaz simplificada e intuitiva que pone sus recursos de clúster al alcance de la mano. Desde la investigación académica hasta los centros de datos empresariales, LiCO acelera el HPC y el AI al eliminar la complejidad para los usuarios no técnicos.

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    Acelera la revolución de la inteligencia

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    Lenovo Intelligent Computing OrchestrationAccesorios y servicios

  • What is LiCO?

    What is LiCO?

    AI clusters made easy

    LiCO software from Lenovo provides a graphical environment to simplify the use of clustered compute resources for AI development. LiCO provides a single interface to deploy, monitor and manage AI workloads, abstracting the complexity of the cluster from users.

    Optimized for the Lenovo ThinkSystem portfolio with the latest Intel® Scalable® processors and NVIDIA® datacenter accelerators, LiCO enables the infrastructure to be used more effectively, flexibly and efficiently for AI development.


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    Put AI where it fits you

    Data science is a major initiative in both research institutions and enterprise, and with versions to support running AI workloads on either HPC or Kubernetes clusters, LiCO allows the same ease-of-use access and infrastructure efficiency in the environment that best fits your organization’s needs.

    LiCO provides clients the flexibility to deploy a dedicated cluster for AI, converge AI workloads onto an HPC cluster, or leverage a Kubernetes cluster to consolidate application development into a single infrastructure environment.


    Graphic showing sequence from frameworks, to workflow, to monitoring and job management.
  • LiCO Benefits

    LiCO Benefits

    Clusters simplified

    LiCO abstracts the complexity of AI software stack setup and deployment on a cluster, so users can easily request the resources they need and quickly submit their AI workloads to the right infrastructure. LiCO lets AI users spend more time on the data science, and less on computer science.

    Administrators also benefit with LiCO, reducing the effort needed to train users to access the cluster, while driving higher infrastructure utilization through efficient workload management.


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    Driving AI results

    LiCO accelerates AI development efforts by enabling users to leverage all available cluster resources. Data Scientists and Data Engineers can deploy training jobs with different hyperparameters in parallel and monitor jobs in process, driving higher AI development productivity.

    Integrated AI tools including Lenovo AI Studio, Lenovo Accelerated AI templates, and Jupyter notebook access allow more users to work on AI model development, with tools that enable both new users and the most experienced Data Scientists.


    Graphic showing AI application's framework, library, and hardware stack.

    Integrated simplicity


    Processor icon

    Simplify access to open source cluster management

    • Abstracts the user experience from open-source cluster software
    Workflow icon

    Streamline the effort to use a cluster for Deep Learning and Machine Learning workloads

    • Monitor job progress, manage job history and cluster storage space through a single interface
    Optimization icon

    Optimize cluster infrastructure for AI

    • Supports deploying multiple jobs within a server, increasing utilization
    Deployment icon

    Minimize the IT effort to deploy AI infrastructure

    • Reduce onboarding time for AI users, easily grow with workloads


  • Getting Started

    Getting Started

    Test first, in our Innovation Centers

    LiCO is available in the Lenovo AI Innovation Labs around the world, allowing you to test your proof of concept before deploying. The Innovation labs feature Lenovo system and software resources, technical staff and AI experts, as well as experts from our partners, available to help you.

    Already have a Lenovo ThinkSystem HPC or AI cluster? Contact your Lenovo representative today to learn how you can implement LiCO in your data center.


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    Powering research at NCSU

    With worldwide population expected to nearly double over the next 30 years, and global food supplies already constrained by unpredictable weather and natural disasters, NCSU is working on agricultural solutions using AI and LiCO.

    LiCO puts the power of high-performance AI infrastructure at the fingertips of researchers & scientists to provide better insights for food production, guiding policy, and securing the food supply for future generations. Watch the video to learn more about North Carolina State University research powered by LiCO.


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