Lenovo Software Privacy Statement

This privacy statement was last updated on 11/20/15.

About This Statement

This privacy statement describes how Lenovo collects, uses, and protects information about your device through our software, including Lenovo preloaded applications, as well as information you may choose to provide to us, such as by registering your device and creating a Lenovo ID. We reserve the right to make changes to this privacy statement at any time. If we make a change to this privacy policy, we will make previous versions available so that you can see when changes occurred and what they are.

What Information Does Lenovo Collect & How Do We Use It?

Lenovo uses information to keep your Lenovo products working their best and help you make the most of them. This includes:

  • Keeping Your Lenovo Software Up-to-Date. We’re always working to provide updates that fix bugs and deliver new features. We always collect and use information we need to keep your Lenovo software up to date.
  • Help Improve Lenovo Products and Enhanced Device Support. We want to make sure your products, services, and software are always working their best. Unless you opt-out, we collect and use information to identify performance trends, prioritize bug fixes, develop new features, and troubleshoot issues you may be having with your Lenovo software. If you decide you'd like us to stop collecting information on how you use Lenovo applications, you may turn off Usage Statistics in the Settings menu of each application, or uninstall the application.
  • Creating an Anonymous User Profile. We may create a profile of your use of our products, services, and websites based on information we have collected from you and your Lenovo products. Lenovo will collect basic information about what applications, services, and offers you choose during system setup.  In order to make your experience more useful and enjoyable, we may also collect information on how you use your Lenovo device (including components).  This information is kept anonymous and is not associated with your personal information described below. We use the profile to provide services and support and to make improvements to our offerings.
  • Creating a Lenovo ID and Registering Your Product. We also collect information, including personal information, when you create your Lenovo ID and when you register your products with us. Your Lenovo ID will be one way in which Lenovo identifies you when you interact with our online services such as our ecommerce and e-support websites. Along with your Lenovo ID we may collect and store additional information, such as your name (as provided by you), email address, user language and region/county, machine type-model (the type of device you use), your device IP address, device ID, serial number, the date you registered your device, and operating-system activation data. Your Lenovo ID will not be associated with the anonymous software data discussed in the paragraph above. You may deactivate your Lenovo ID at any point.
  • Providing Lenovo Software and Device Functionality. Some Lenovo products and software applications need access to information in order to function. They may keep the information locally on your Lenovo products or they may transfer it to Lenovo or a third party. Lenovo will only access such information if you specifically choose to enable or use these functions. The Lenovo Settings application includes an interface in which you can change your data collection settings for many Lenovo applications. If you need instructions on how to uninstall applications, please consult the Lenovo Support site.
  • Email Communications. If you choose to receive emails from Lenovo, we will collect, store, and use your name and email address to send you product support announcements and/or promotional messages. You may unsubscribe via the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our promotional messages.

What Kind of Third Parties Does Lenovo Share Information With?

We limit sharing of information described in this privacy statement to certain types of third parties who help us use it for purposes you have agreed to. They include:

  • Service providers who provide hosting, data analyses, and customer support functions.
  • Lenovo affiliates who help provide functionality for Lenovo software and who help us use information as described in this privacy statement.

We may also share your information in special circumstances, including with:

  • Law enforcement and other government agencies where legally required to do so.
  • Other third parties helping us protect our rights, our users' rights, and the rights of others, such as during litigation.

How Does Lenovo Store & Protect Information We've Collected & Shared?

We use standard technical and organizational safeguards when we transmit information from Lenovo products to our servers, when we store data, and when we share it with third parties. However, please remember that no data storage or transmission method can be guaranteed to be completely invulnerable, so you understand that you use Lenovo products at your own risk.

Our products include features designed to help you protect the information you store on your Lenovo products. These may include solutions like encryption, password and PIN unlock, and remote control over your Lenovo products so you can locate, lock, and erase lost or stolen devices. You can learn more about available features by accessing the Security Settings on your Lenovo devices.

When we collect information described in this privacy statement, we will retain it on our servers as long as necessary to support the Lenovo products you are using and to comply with applicable laws and our own policies.  We may transfer, use, and store information that the Lenovo product collects outside of the country it came from. These places may include jurisdictions whose privacy laws do not provide equivalent protection to such laws in your home country. Wherever these activities occur, we take appropriate steps to treat your information securely and in accordance with this privacy statement, our terms of use, and applicable laws and regulations. Use of Lenovo products constitutes your specific consent to the transfer of information described in this privacy policy.

What About My Child's Privacy?

Lenovo products are intended for adults and children ages 13 and up who have permission to use them from their parents or legal guardians. We do not seek to collect information about children under the age of 13 and will delete any as soon as we discover it. We also encourage parents to actively supervise their children's use of Lenovo products.

How Do I Contact Lenovo's Privacy Program?

Questions about this statement or about Lenovo's handling of your information may be sent to us at privacy@lenovo.com or by postal service to:

Lenovo Privacy
1009 Think Place
Morrisville, NC 27560