Which are some great entertainment apps for Android?

Apps can help users increase productivity, interact with other smartphone users and communicate with coworkers or family nationally and internationally. But what if you just want to have some fun on your tablet?... Read More

What are the best free Android apps for my tablet?

One of the best things about having a tablet is downloading free apps to help optimize and personalize the device. No matter what your interests are, there are dozens of apps available. Including the popular Facebook and Twitter apps... Read More

What are some productivity apps for Windows 8?

Millions of people use Windows 8 on their laptops and desktop PCs, but Windows 8 tablets and smartphones are increasing in popularity too. They're especially common among people who use them for work, whether it's business, creative or a little bit of both. In order to capitalize on this trend... Read More

What are some free game apps for Android?

There is a huge selection of games available for Android tablets and smartphones. Fortunately, for users who don't like paying for games, many of them are free. However, free games tend to deliver a barrage of ads and prompts to purchase additional features... Read More

Types of tablets offered by Lenovo

Lenovo offers a wide selection of quality tablet computers, from the hold-in-one-hand convenience of traditional slate tablets, to the power and versatility of combination 2-in-1 tablet/laptop systems. We’ve got Android tablets and Windows tablets, work tablets... Read More

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