Data Center Solutions


Data Center Solutions

Solutions for complex infrastructure, workload, and service delivery challenges.
Built through deep collaboration with our worldwide partner ecosystem, engineered solutions from Lenovo span a comprehensive portfolio of offerings.

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    Lenovo Scalable Solution for SAP HANA

    Scale the Digital Enterprise with Memory Support to 36TB for SAP S/4HANA Applications
    Built on Lenovo offerings that rank #1 in customer reliability and satisfaction, and developed in close collaboration with SAP, the Lenovo Scalable Solution for SAP HANA provides unique in-memory capability for SAP S/4HANA applications to drive enterprise-critical insights in real time. Integrating hardware, software and memory advancements, the Lenovo Scalable Solution for SAP HANA is a software-defined solution designed to be agile, scalable, and resilient, helping your SAP S/4HANA applications operate efficiently to improve your business processing and data foundation as well as help lower total cost of ownership.



    ThinkSystem x3850 x6


    Intel Select Solutions – Lenovo Database Configurations for Microsoft SQL Server OLTP

    Deploy High Availability and Cost Effective Transactional Databases
    Through the Intel Select Solution program, Lenovo offers a pair of high availability Microsoft SQL Server OLTP solutions featuring the robust ThinkSystem SR630 and SR650 servers. These transactional database offerings combine high-performance and cost effective server platforms with Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition. Both of these solutions are based on the Intel Select Solution specifications and performance results have been verified by Intel. To deliver the uptime performance businesses demand in today’s competitive operational environment, these solutions are deployed in two server high availability configurations.



    ThinkSystem SR650 Intel Select


    Lenovo Database Configurations for Microsoft SQL Server DWFT

    Lenovo Achieves Industry Firsts with Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Solutions
    These Microsoft Data Warehouse Fast Track (DWFT) configurations for SQL Server 2017 improve time-to-value for data warehousing needs with a new scalable architecture. With these solutions Lenovo is the industry’s first company offering Microsoft certified database solutions featuring Microsoft SQL Server 2017. These solutions in the Lenovo portfolio use the high performance Lenovo ThinkSystem SR630, ThinkSystem SR650 and ThinkSystem SR950 servers. Combined with Lenovo NVMe Enterprise Mainstream Flash Adapters the servers in these solutions solve SQL database warehouse needs from 9TB up to 90TB in capacity.



    ThinkSystem SR650



    Lenovo Big Data Validated Design for Cloudera Enterprise

    Easy to implement Hardware, Software and Services for Big Data and Analytics Architecture
    With the Lenovo Big Data Validated Designs for Cloudera Enterprise, Lenovo delivers certified solutions for both Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark environments. These tested configurations perform complex analytics on structured and unstructured data. Additionally these validated designs address the deployment of big data platforms with Cloudera Enterprise onto a VMware vSphere virtualized server environment. This provides administrators with the ability to manage big data solutions in a manner similar to other VMware vSphere virtualized workloads.



    ThinkSystem SR570



    Lenovo Configurations for Microsoft Edge Cloud

    Bringing Affordable Hybrid Cloud to SMBs and ROBOs
    These small footprint solutions enable SMBs and ROBOs to economically deploy an on premise hybrid cloud to run workloads locally, store data locally, and burst on demand to the Azure public cloud or an Azure Stack private cloud. This architecture enables cloud backups for disaster recovery. The common hardware, designed for remote management, simplifies the overall management infrastructure. When the use case makes sense, the Edge Cloud server can take advantage of existing Azure connected services such as Office 365 for email and other Office applications. This solution deployed at remote edge locations can start small as a single server and scale out as a business grows.



    System x3650 M5



    Lenovo Database Configuration for Microsoft SQL Server OLTP on Flex System with DS6200

    Improve Time-to-Value for Transactional Needs with a New Scalable Architecture
    Lenovo offers a Microsoft SQL Server OLTP solution featuring the highly available Lenovo ThinkSystem SN550 compute node deployed in the Lenovo Flex System Enterprise chassis. For storage, this solution also features the Lenovo ThinkSystem DS6200 SAN which is designed for I/O intensive applications. Enabled with Microsoft SQL Server 2016, this solution improves time-to-value for transactional needs with a new scalable architecture to solve SQL database transactional needs up to 50,000 batch requests per second.



    ThinkSystem DS6200



    Lenovo ThinkAgile HX Solutions

    Reduce Server, Storage and Virtualization Complexity in Data Centers of All Size
    The Lenovo ThinkAgile HX delivers a turnkey infrastructure solution for Microsoft applications. Run Microsoft SQL Server and client virtualization applications alongside other virtualized applications and benefit from:

    • Higher performance and scalability: Start small and scale databases as your needs grow, but without the concessions of traditional infrastructure.
    • Improved availability: Keep key applications protected and running with frequent, easy-to-restore backups and affordable, simple disaster recovery.
    • Reduced operational complexity: Leverage simple, consumer-grade management, VM-centric operations and unprecedented insight into application and storage performance.




    ThinkAgile HX Series



    Lenovo Client Virtualization Solutions

    Deploy the Optimal Client Virtualization Configuration for Individual Business Needs
    Lenovo client virtualization validated designs support a range of virtual desktop and virtual application scenarios using industry-proven Lenovo hardware combined with software from Citrix® and VMware®. These client virtualization validated designs are fully tested across applications, software, hardware, and services to help streamline IT administration and simplify the transition to a virtual desktop infrastructure.



    ThinkSystem SR650



    Lenovo Cloud Validated Design for VMware SDDC

    Simplify Private and Hybrid Cloud Deployments with SDDC and vCloud Suite
    The Lenovo Cloud Validated Design for VMware Software Defined Data Center is a solution with best practice documentation to jump start businesses to a well-orchestrated private or hybrid data center. This solution provides all the components needed to build and run a fully virtualized, software-defined, and automated hybrid data center. This approach delivers virtualized infrastructure services with built-in intelligence to automate provisioning, placement, configuration, and control of apps and end-to-end infrastructure based on defined policies. With this solution, business can transform their data center infrastructure into an agile and resilient cloud, delivering the features of public cloud within the walls of the enterprise.



    ThinkSystem SR630



    Lenovo Validated Design for VMware vCloud Suite

    Simplify Hybrid Cloud Deployment with SAN Storage
    This solution is based on a reference architecture that provides all the components needed to build and run a vRealize Hybrid cloud. This approach delivers an infrastructure with built-in intelligence to automate provisioning, placement, configuration, and control of apps for an end-to-end infrastructure based on defined policies. Business can transform their data center infrastructure into an agile and resilient cloud, delivering the features of an enterprise public cloud. With VMware vCloud Suite combined with Lenovo ThinkSystem products and services, Lenovo can deliver a leadership hybrid cloud solution with the flexibility and virtual machine orchestration that enable businesses to transform their internal IT into an agile and resilient cloud.



    ThinkSystem SR650


    Lenovo Database Validated Design for Microsoft SQL Server OLTP with VMware vSAN

    Reduce TCO while improving resiliency and performance of virtualized Microsoft SQL Server transactional databases
    Virtualization of databases using VMware ESXi and VMware vSAN hyperconverged capabilities allows more database instances thus reducing the number of servers required for smaller deployments. This solution employs the latest generation of solid state drives to provide high IOPs, low latency, and high storage capacity for virtualized SQL Server databases. The Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 and SR630 deploy as high capacity servers utilizing high-volume on-board storage, eliminating the need for attached storage to support large database clusters.



    ThinkSystem SR650

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