Gifts for Mum: Computer & Accessories Deals

Are you on the hunt for some gift ideas for Mum?

Whether it's her birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day, or you just feel like spoiling her, Lenovo has some of the best gifts for mum online. There are incredible deals on laptops, desktops, gaming systems, tablets, smart devices, PC accessories, and more.

Gift Ideas for Mum: Laptops

Mums work hard for their families and they need tools that will help them keep the family schedule running smoothly. Celebrate your Mum with great deals on laptops at Lenovo. A laptop is one of the most useful gifts for Mum and there is no better time to replace her outdated computer and find new tech to boost her work productivity, or complete or school homework more quickly, or if she is really a competitor, heat up her gaming edge. If you're thinking a new laptop might do the trick – something fast and secure, with top-rated features, check out Lenovo's range of laptops here.

Gift Ideas for Mum: Desktops

Thinking its time to buy Mum a powerful desktop PC? Lenovo has a range of traditional desktop towers that offer that extra juice and long-term upgradeability that can save you big money over the long term.

There's a Lenovo desktop computer for every Mum out there. Affordable systems for the office or family room. Powerful desktop workstations for today's most advanced business applications. Souped-up gaming PCs with extra cooling and colorful lighting. Lenovo offers it all. And everything ships for free!

Specific sale offers will vary, but here's a short list of Lenovo desktop systems you may find on sale:

ThinkCentre desktop PCs: Popular in office and home office settings around the world, ThinkCentre desktop PCs are known for affordability, reliability, and ease-of-use. They're available in a wide range of prices, with multiple processor and feature options.

IdeaCentre desktop PCs: Stylish IdeaCentre towers and all-in-ones save space and "fit" any setting – and budget. Their designs turn heads, whether in the office, at home, or at a gaming event. And with top-notch components, they're just as impressive on the inside.

Lenovo Legion desktop PCs: Game players and graphics fans love Lenovo Legion desktops, towers, and cubes. Colorful lighting effects help Legion PCs stand out in a crowd, and their processing, graphics and cooling options can lift them – and you – ahead of the competition.

ThinkStation workstations: For the heaviest workloads, turn to a ThinkStation desktop workstation. These high-end systems feature the fastest, most reliable processors and other components, making them ideal for video editing, Big Data analysis and other demanding uses.

Yoga All-in-Ones: When your work area lacks space for a full-size PC and stand-alone monitor, consider a Yoga All-in-One. These unique devices give you both a powerful PC and a high-resolution display in a compact, all-in-one system that packs a punch and fits almost anywhere.

Gift Ideas for Mum: Gaming PCs

If Mum is a competitor, you've come to the right place. Help her up her gaming system. Unleash her true competitor. Competitive video gaming isn't easy. But shopping for a top-quality gaming PC or gaming console can be. At Lenovo you'll find great deals on a broad selection of top-rated gaming desktops, gaming laptops, and more. Not only will you get a great price, your scores may improve and so will mum's!

Gaming PCs can be some of the best gifts for your mum. Which of these products will you choose?

Legion Gaming Towers & Cubes: Gaming desktops with the Lenovo Legion logo feature the best processors on the market (including multiple unlocked CPU options). You also get screaming fast discrete graphics, dual-channel cooling, colorful lighting effects, and more.

Legion Gaming Laptops: Our flagship Lenovo Legion gaming brand includes laptops, too. Processing and graphics are fine-tuned for on-the-go performance. High-resolution displays deliver sharp visuals. And they've got the stylish design that's made Legion famous.

IdeaPad Gaming Laptops: For affordable gaming systems that can compete with the best, check out the IdeaPad series. They're available at a variety of price points, including customizable models you can outfit with the game-quality components you need.

Gift Ideas for Mum: 2 in 1 Laptops

It's always a great time to treat Mum to one of our more popular and flexible devices: Lenovo 2 in 1 laptops.

2 in 1 laptops, such as those you'll find in our lauded Yoga lineup, give you the power to flip from laptop to tablet at will – so if you need a device that can offer the independence of a tablet, but the full computing capabilities of a laptop, look no further than our 2 in 1 laptops.

Yoga 2 in 1s: Exquisitely crafted for flexibility and usability, our flagship Lenovo Yoga 2 in 1s deliver high-end processing and graphics power in a convertible format you'll love using – just about anywhere.

ThinkPad 2 in 1s: Get 2 in 1 versatility in a business-ready ThinkPad X Series or L Series model that's got a little of everything. Use it in the office, on sales calls, as a hand-held tablet or traditional laptop.

IdeaPad 2 in 1s: Lenovo 2 in 1 innovation even extends to our lightweight IdeaPad line-up. IdeaPad Flex multi-mode laptops combine portability and easy connectivity in a stylish, affordable package.

Gift Ideas for Mum: PC Accessories & Smart Devices

So maybe you've already got your eyes set on the perfect laptop or PC for Mum. Before you click that Checkout button, make sure you review our ever-growing lineup of established first party and trusted name brand electronic accessories. Whether you need a functional mouse to pair with your new PC or some smart home devices to make life a bit easier around your home, you'll find them at Lenovo.

Noise-blocking headsets to help you get more done in noisy rooms? Cable and port adapters that make device connections a snap? RAM chips that expand your PC's memory? Lenovo has it all – even today's popular smart devices – from clocks and security cameras to electrical outlets and plugs.

Plus, our sale prices are hard to beat. The offers vary, but lots of Lenovo PC accessories and smart technology products are discounted. There's free shipping, too – in-stock items are on their way to you especially quickly. Check out our range of accessories here.

Lenovo 2021 Mother's Day Sale

Shop our 2021 Mother's Day Sale for savings, deals, and more savings. Incredible deals on laptops, desktops, gaming systems, tablets, smart devices, PC accessories, and more. (with free shipping on all orders!)

Lenovo's Mother's Day 2021 sale is the perfect time to say Happy Mother's Day! Surprise Mum and buy her something that will make her life a little easier and more organized, buy her a ThinkPad laptop, PC, or Yoga 2 in 1 convertible laptop, PC accessories, smart device, tablet or even a Legion gaming PC, for that competitor in her. Or, try a lightweight Chromebook or IdeaPad. Anything and everything that's the latest and greatest in tech can be found at a discount at the 2021 Mother's Day Sale.

There's one category that stands out among all the great computers and tech items included in our Mother's Day offers and that's our versatile line of multi-use 2 in 1 laptop's. These advanced laptop/tablet combos work anywhere – in the office or classroom, in warehouse and industrial settings, at job sites, and more. Use yours as a laptop, or a tablet, or switch back and forth as needed.

It's the best of both worlds. A Lenovo 2 in 1 laptop delivers the in-hand usability of a tablet but with far more processing and graphics power. Put it in tablet mode for data entry, taking notes at meetings, and so on. Or change to laptop mode for running business software (or video games). Switching is a breeze: some 2 in 1s let you detach the keyboard to use the touch-screen display on its own, while others utilize a special hinge that lets you flip the keyboard back and under the display.

Think about it. We look for two-for-one deals at grocery stores. We love the convenience of two-in-one screwdrivers and other hand tools. So maybe it's time to find a great deal on a 2 in 1 laptop alongside other Mother's Day deals at our Mother's Day 2021 Sale.

If you're a PC gamer, upgrading your system to make it faster and more responsive is paramount to up your edge in the gaming world. That's why gamers shop Lenovo and our Mother's Day deals gives you an opportunity to upgrade your gaming system so your Mum, who is a real competitor, yes believe it, can jump into a battle or two.

The Lenovo 2021 Mother's Day Sale is one of our biggest events and just like Mother's Day, you plan around it every year. Ready to shop the amazing gaming PC selection? Lightning fast processors, incredible graphics, and more. When you check out or Mother's Day offers at Lenovo, no need to hop in your car and brave a crowded store. Instead, jump online, sit back, and relax while you "armchair shop" for that gaming PC or accessory you've had your eye on. Delivered right to your door, Lenovo offers free shipping on everything.

Customers love our Mother's Day deals because the discounts stretch across nearly every product line and brand we sell, including our popular desktop PCs and workstations. With such a wide selection, it's no wonder customers around the world consider Lenovo a leader in desktop PC technology. And there could be no better time to shop than during our 2021 Mother's Day Sale.

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