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A smarter way forward for your data

Unleash data - Person working at desk using Lenovo monitors, keyboard, laptop, and tablet

Unleash your data to make smarter, faster decisions

With Lenovo, you can accelerate and optimize your data management capabilities, enabling smarter and more actionable insights. We provide end-to-end data intelligent solutions to democratize the power of AI and analytics for organizations of all sizes.

A smarter way to capture, harness and analyze your data

The events of the past year have impacted every organization. But rather than settling for a “new normal,” Lenovo believes there’s a Smarter Way Forward. Lenovo’s Data Management solutions allow you to securely and efficiently harness your data from edge to core to cloud with a unified set of tools and capabilities.

We help you

  • Accelerate and optimize your data, making it smarter and more actionable
  • Connect structured and unstructured data to deliver faster insights using real-time analytics
  • Reduce costs and make better decisions to gain competitive advantage

Combining our Data Management portfolio with our industry-leading, award-winning server portfolio, flexible deployment models and world-class service and support gives Lenovo the ability to offer unrivalled, data management and accelerated Analytics and AI solutions to organizations of all sizes.


Get the real-time insights you need to stay competitive

Data is the source of intelligence today, and the need to derive value from data refocuses our most fundamental IT strategies and requirements. Lenovo provides state-of-the-art data management, Analytics and AI Solutions along with the expertise you need to help you accelerate and maximize the value of your data.

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Lenovo ThinkSystem DM5100F - front facing

Accelerate data access with our fast, low-latency all-NVMe storage array

Enhance your analytics and AI deployments and accelerate applications’ access to data using the ThinkSystem DM5100F, which brings high-performance, low-latency all-NVMe storage to a more affordable price point than ever before, suitable for organizations of all sizes.
Lenovo ThinkSystem DM Series - front facing 3 stack

Manage all types of data from a unified interface with enhanced data protection

Deploy the ultimate, scalable, unified storage solution for all data types now including object data with the DM Series ONTAP 9.8 Operating System. Enhance the security, efficiency, and performance of your data while protecting it end-to-end.
 Lenovo DB720S Fibre Channel switch - front facing

Deploy a high-speed fabric for AI and Analytics with next-gen networking

Accelerate performance, reduce downtime, and simplify storage network management with the new Lenovo DB720S Fibre Channel switch, with autonomous SAN infrastructure that offers self-learning, self-optimizing, and self-healing capabilities.
Lenovo ThinkSystem Intelligent Monitoring 2.0 - front facing

Simplify and automate storage management across sites with a cloud-based analytics platform

Predict issues before they happen and provide prescriptive guidance with enhanced ThinkSystem Intelligent Monitoring 2.0, which uses AI to improve system health and availability and offers greater intelligence and insight into your infrastructure, leading to less downtime.
Lenovo ThinkSystem SR850 V2 Series - front facing 3 stack

Boost application performance and enhance IT adaptability

Accelerate next-gen, mission-critical workloads like analytics and artificial intelligence with supercomputing power within your own data center using Lenovo ThinkSystem SR850 V2 and SR860 V2 servers; featuring improved CPU performance, expanded storage, GPU, and memory capabilities.
Lenovo ThinkSystem SD650-N V2 - top facing left

Drive AI workloads with GPU-optimized servers

Leverage exascale performance and efficiency with Lenovo's new ultra-dense, high performance system—the ThinkSystem SD650-N V2, and the most versatile GPU platform—the ThinkSystem SR670 V2 servers, both ideal for compute-intensive AI and Enterprise workloads where performance is paramount.

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