Choose the most efficient, effective method for delivering power to rack-mounted, System x servers.

  1. Lenovo 0U 36 C13/6 C19 32A 1 Phase PDU

    Space-Efficient & Outlet-Dense.
    The most cost-effective power distribution to meet the power demands of high-availability servers.

  2. Lenovo 0U 20 C13/4 C19 Switched and Monitored 24A 1 Phase PDU

    Advanced Power Distribution With Simplified Deployment.
    Simplify deployment & provide outlet-dense advanced power distribution for efficient energy-management to protect and manage your high-availability System x rack environment.

  3. Lenovo DPI NEMA Power Distribution Units (PDU)

    Satisfy Power Requirements Wthout Taxing Your Power Source.
    Economical, basic power distribution capability for rack-based systems.

  4. Lenovo 1U 9 C19/3 C13 Switched and Monitored DPI PDU

    Monitored Power Distribution for Rack Environments.
    Excellent power availability with advanced monitoring capability to enable efficient power management.

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