• System Manager

    ThinkServer System Manager

    ThinkServer System Manager enables you to remotely and securely manage your servers via web browser. With this tool you can:

    • Access your ThinkServer easily to configure, update, and monitor the system from anywhere
    • Monitor your server's health, receive alerts, control power, and perform necessary administration at anytime
    • Take advantage of the command-line interface based on PowerShell, to automate and perform administrative tasks using scripts
    • Use ThinkServer System Manager regardless of the operational state of the server, as long as the server is connected to a power source

    Consider our next-generation systems, Lenovo ThinkServer RD350, RD450, TD350, RD550, and RD650, all of which include integrated ThinkServer System Manager.

    Learn more: ThinkServer System Manager Datasheet

    ThinkServer System Manager Premium

    With the optional ThinkServer System Manager Premium, you can enhance your management functionality with remote keyboard, video, and mouse (KVM) access to your ThinkServer system. This tool enables you to:

    • View and operate the remote ThinkServer in real-time—even run local media such as a CD-ROM, from the remote server
    • Reduce the need for and the cost of on-site support by performing most support functions remotely, thereby saving time and money
    • Decrease power usage with enhanced monitoring, trend analysis, and control by using policies and limits with an included license for ThinkServer Energy Manager

    Buy ThinkServer System Manager Premium and enhance your remote management functionality today.

    Learn more: ThinkServer System Manager Datasheet

  • Deployment Manager

    ThinkServer Deployment Manager

    ThinkServer Deployment Manager is an embedded, GUI-based tool that eases server lifecycle management. This integrated, easy-to-navigate tool saves time and gets your server up and running quickly. ThinkServer Deployment Manager enables you to:

    • Install your operating system, perform firmware and driver updates, and configure ThinkServer System Manager, BIOS, and RAID settings
    • Perform platform updates of applications and firmware
    • Replicate BIOS, RAID, and BMC settings to other servers
    • Use the network to save your cloned file and get updates from a network-share location
    • Use with Windows, Linux, VMware, and various boot devices, including SD cards and M.2 SSD

    ThinkServer Deployment Manager is standard on our next-generation systems—Lenovo ThinkServer RD350, RD450, TD350, RD550, and RD650—so you can take full advantage of this tool at no additional charge.

  • Energy Manager

    ThinkServer Energy Manager

    Take control of power usage through improved data analysis and lower your overall total cost of ownership (TCO) with ThinkServer Energy Manager. This tool helps you optimize data center efficiency by enabling you to:

    • Manage power consumption and temperature in your data center through a simple management console
    • Monitor room, row, rack, and device levels at the data center
    • Track platform power consumption, inlet temperature, CPU, and memory power consumption
    • Set power limits and policies, CPU and memory power limits, as well as do-not-exceed power limits (cap)
    • Optimize power use through cooling analysis, low-utilization analysis, server power characteristics, and workload placement analysis
    • Reduce platform power consumption during power supply event
    • Use with Red Hat Linux, SUSE Linux, and Microsoft Windows to monitor rack, blade and tower servers

    ThinkServer Energy Manager is supported on Lenovo ThinkServer RD350, RD450, TD350, RD550, and RD650 systems, as well as select third-party servers (see user’s guide for validated non-Lenovo platforms). Download the trial version of ThinkServer Energy Manager at no additional charge.

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  • Power Planner

    ThinkServer Power Planner

    ThinkServer Power Planner is a user-friendly tool that helps you assess your power requirements and ensure appropriate levels of power and cooling before you deploy. This tool enables you to:

    • Configure your servers easily with processors, memory, drives, adapters, and power supplies—simply drag and drop them into a 42U or a 21U rack
    • Plan power usage at the server and rack levels
    • Generate reports and save locally to recall your configurations and power requirements
    • Use the tool online or download it for offline access

    ThinkServer Power Planner is available for no additional charge. It is supported on ThinkServer RD350, RD450, TD350, RD550, and RD650 systems.

    Download ThinkServer Power Planner to keep ahead of your hardware power requirements.