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Solutions & Services Group (SSG)

SSG will combine all services and solutions from across the company into a dedicated organization. By integrating the current service teams and capabilities from across the business groups, SSG will be a key driver of transformation for the company by working with the business groups to drive growth across smart verticals, attached services, managed services, and our as-a-services offerings including DaaS and Truscale™. As part of this, Lenovo makes commercial IoT practical at scale, leveraging Lenovo’s strength in global services, layering on manageability expertise, and partnering with a proven set of trusted partners to offer industry-specific solutions for the most pressing issues business face today. This all falls under the umbrella of ThinkIoT Solutions.

At a time when Internet of Things solutions are plentiful, single IoT solutions can easily require hundreds of thousands of sensors and end points when deployed across global site locations. Once companies start considering multiple IoT solutions, this challenge can easily reach millions of devices, limiting businesses from realizing the potential value of IoT. Lenovo recognizes and overcomes the business challenges associated with leveraging IoT solutions by identifying trusted solutions, deploying at scale, and managing across vendors and sites over time. This is especially important for large businesses with distributed locations.

Lenovo provides a single point of accountability for customers. We test each solution through a rigorous validation process that includes up to 140 steps covering security, serviceability, scalability, and reliability. Lenovo’s field network of more than 20,000 technicians handle deployment. With customers in more than 180 markets and expertise supporting more than 125 million devices, Lenovo provides leading solution monitoring and management to keep all these ThinkIoT solutions running for customers.

What’s more, in the face of the current pandemic, ThinkIoT Back to Work Solutions make running office spaces safer, more productive, and more efficient. And ThinkIoT Smarter Store Solutions are designed to help “brick-and-mortar” stores adapt to thrive in today’s new normal environment. The solutions improve customer experience by enabling better inventory availability and product interaction while simultaneously driving labor efficiency. Additionally, these solutions help to make stores safer for shoppers.

Think IoT Smarter Stores Solutions: Transforming the future of retail