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Shares information

Stock Quote


Listing on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong


Trading in the United States through American Depositary Receipt ("ADR") Level I Program

Stock Codes

Hong Kong Stock Exchange





992 HK

ADR Level I Program




Shares Outstanding (May 31, 2010)

Number of ordinary shares outstanding

9,793 million (approx.)

Number of preferred shares outstanding

0.77 million

Shareholding by Legend Holdings Limited(1)


Shareholding by TPG, General Atlantic and Newbridge Capital(1) (2)


Public Shareholders(1)




Nominal value of ordinary share

HK$0.025 per share

(1) As if preferred shares are fully converted
(2) Newbridge Capital integrated its operations with TPG Capital in 2006.

Share History

Sept 2009

Issue of 63,502,788 ordinary shares upon exercise of warrants.

Sept 2009

Conversion of 621,250 unlisted Series A cumulative convertible preferred shares into 227,981,647 ordinary voting shares.

May 2008

Conversion of 375,282,756 non-voting shares into 375,282,756 ordinary voting shares.

Nov 2007

Conversion of 955,001 unlisted Series A cumulative convertible preferred shares into 350,459,078 ordinary voting shares.

Aug 2005

Repurchase of 435,717,757 non-voting shares at HK$2.725 per share from IBM

May 2005

Issue of 2,730,000 unlisted Series A cumulative convertible preferred shares at an issue price of HK$1,000 per share to three private equity firms

May 2005

Issue of 821,234,569 new voting shares and 921,636,459 new non-voting shares at HK$2.675 per share as part of the consideration for its acquisition of IBM's Personal Computing Division

Sep 2000

Issue of 11,478,584 new shares at HK$8.895 per share as part of the consideration for its investment in Yestock Limited

Mar 2000

Issued and unissued shares of HK$0.1 each of the Company had been subdivided into four shares of HK$0.025 each

Feb 2000

The controlling shareholder of Lenovo Group Limited (formerly known as Legend Holdings Limited) placed 85 million existing shares of Lenovo at HK$33.75(3) per share to institutional investors, and subscribed 50 million new shares of Lenovo at the same price

Jun 1999

Lenovo Group Limited's controlling shareholder placed 130 million existing shares of Lenovo at HK$7.20(3) per share to institutional investors

Apr 1998

Issue of 100 million new shares at HK$3.00 per share

Nov 1997

Issue of 879,201,681 new shares at HK$2.38(3) per share to the parent company to acquire the Beijing Legend Group

Jul 1995

Issue of 86,499,200 new shares at HK$1.25(3) per share to acquire a 95% interest in the Legend Science and Technology Park in Huiyang in the PRC

Feb 1994

Listing of Lenovo Group Limited and new issue of 168,750,000 shares at HK$1.33(3) per share

(3) Prior to the 4-for-1 split in March 2000

Share Registrar

Tricor Abacus Limited
26th Floor, Tesbury Centre,
28 Queen's Road East,
Hong Kong

American Depositary Receipts Level I Program

Ordinary share to ADR


Depositary and Registrar

Citibank, N.A.
14th Floor, 388 Greenwich Street,
New York, NY10013, USA

Citibank ADR


Investing in Lenovo

Stockholder and Investor Inquiries about Lenovo:
       Phone: 852 2516-4843 (Hong Kong)
       E-mail: ir@lenovo.com

You can invest in Lenovo by buying Lenovo shares or American Depositary Receipts ("ADRs").

I) Buying Lenovo shares:
Lenovo shares are listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange with the stock code 992.
Lenovo shares are denominated in Hong Kong Dollars (exchange rate is about 1 USD: 7.74 HKD). For the trading of Lenovo shares, you may contact any Hong Kong brokers. Individual overseas investors can trade Lenovo shares on the Internet through certain Hong Kong brokers.
To monitor the stock price of Lenovo in Hong Kong market, please click here, Stock quote

II) Buying Lenovo ADRs:
Investors in the United States can also buy Lenovo ADRs through any local brokers by quoting the ADR stock code LNVGY. Each ADR represents 20 Lenovo shares and is denominated in U.S. Dollars. For information about ADR, you can visit the Citibank ADR site at http://wwss.citissb.com/adr/www/investor/index.htm.To find more information and the quote of Lenovo ADR, please carry out the following procedures:

  1. Enter Citibank ADR site at http://wwss.citissb.com/adr/www/investor/index.htm
  2. Select "L" from "Company Profile
  3. Select "Lenovo Group Limited" from "Search Results"

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