Windows® 7. Your PC, simplified.

Lenovo PCs and Windows 7 are better together.

Get the best computing experience possible with faster start-up and connection times plus more entertainment and security features than ever before.

Why Windows 7?

Simplifies everyday tasks.

Easy to use
Find what you need and get things done faster with simpler, more streamlined navigation.

Easy to connect
Share printers and documents with multiple PCs on your home or small business network in a snap.

Easy to communicate and share
Manage email, engage in IM, video and voice chats, and edit/share digital photos like never before with Windows Live™ Mail, Windows Live Messenger, and Windows Live Photo Gallery.

Easy to browse the web
Browse the web faster and easier with Internet Explorer® 8’s new features such as InPrivate, Accelerators, Web Slices, SmartScreen Filter and more.

Works the way you want.

No waiting
Windows 7 is designed to enable your PC to sleep and resume sessions quickly.

No worries
Improved security helps safeguard your PC and your privacy.

No hassles
Personalize your PC and run as many Windows® XP productivity applications as you want.

Makes new things possible.

Media on your terms
Use your PC as a TV 1 or enjoy photos, music, and videos in more ways.

Work from anywhere
See and connect to available wireless including Wi-Fi, broadband, dial-up, and VPN, in just a few clicks.


Which Windows 7 is best for you?

Do you use your PC for entertainment?
Choose Windows 7 Home Premium. The best entertainment experience on your PC.

Do you work from home?
Choose Windows 7 Professional over Home Premium. Everything you need for work and home.

Do you rely on your PC for business?
Choose Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate to get the productivity and support your business needs.

Do you want the most from Windows 7?
Choose Windows 7 Ultimate over Professional. Designed for people who want it all.

Windows 7 features Home Premium Professional Ultimate
Improved desktop navigation tick tick tick
Launch applications and find documents faster and easier tick tick tick
Enjoy faster, easier and safer web experiences with Internet Explorer® 8 tick tick tick
Connect your home PC network to a single printer with HomeGroup tick tick tick
Watch your favorite TV shows for free with Internet TV1 tick tick tick
Seamlessly run many existing Windows XP programs   tick tick
Connect easily to secure company networks with Domain JoinTM   tick tick
Recover your data easily with automatic backup to your network(s)   tick tick
Protect your data against loss or theft with BitLockerTM   tick tick
Location Aware Printing   tick tick
Windows Mobility Center2 (with Presentation Mode)     tick
Switch between any of thirty-five languages     tick
1A TV tuner and additional hardware may be required for some Windows® Media Center functionality. Not available in all countries.
2Additional hardware may be required. Not available in all countries.

Need more help?
The Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor can help you determine which features and editions of Windows 7 will run on your computer. See

Start with a new Lenovo PC

Windows 7You don't need to labor through detailed specification lists to know if your new Lenovo PC will run Windows 7 to its full potential. Our new PCs with Windows® 7 Lenovo Enhanced Experience certification are optimized to do just that.

Our IdeaPad and IdeaCentre PCs with the Enhanced Experience logo offer a faster, richer and more convenient computing experience. You’ll get more from Windows 7 with the remarkably fast boot and shutdown process, the rich entertainment and graphics features, plus a convenient Windows-independent recovery and anti-virus tool. And our ThinkPad and ThinkCentre PCs with the Enhanced Experience logo deliver the ease of use, enhanced productivity, security and connectivity options your business needs.

So when you’re ready to upgrade, we’re ready for you. Just look for the Enhanced Experience logo on our products in stores. Or if you’re shopping at, look for the Enhanced Experience next to our Enhanced Experience products and click the icon to learn more.

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