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  • National Football League Taps the Benefits of Virtual Reality with Lenovo Solution

    National Football League deploys Lenovo solutions to make sure players, coaches, staff are well equipped to eventually take their game to the next level

  • Profile

    The Man With The ThinkPad Tattoo

    Atli Jarl Martin is a madman—a metalhead, trucker, barman and tech aficionado. He also may be the most hardcore ThinkPad fan on Earth.

  • Profile

    From offline youth to computer science graduate

    From paying for internet service by the hour while growing up in the central Indian city of Warangal to becoming a moderator on Lenovo’s forums, graduate student Vijay S is now making up for lost time in the world of technology.

  • ThinkPad Time Machine?

    Step with me now into the ThinkPad design time machine. Fasten your seat belt, settle in and share your thinking.

  • Profile

    Tech head

    Extreme metal musician, part-time barman and PC whisperer, Icelander Atli Jarl Martin loves ThinkPads so much he often restores discarded models he’s rescued from the landfill.

  • Technology drives success

    Q&A with Alysia Baker Eve, worldwide product marketing manager and team lead for ThinkPad at Lenovo.

  • My Favorite ThinkPads from the Decade of Innovation

    I was asked recently if I had a favorite ThinkPad that had been created since the acquisition. For me, the answer is quite simple. I have two.

  • Profile

    Helping brands navigate the future

    With the accelerating pace of innovation, how we work, play and shop is changing faster than ever before. Marketing guru, Rohit Bhargava, is one of the experts businesses seek out when they want help making sense of it all.

  • The everyday ThinkPad daredevil

    In life, there are those of us who play it safe. We’re cautious, collected, and conservative with our actions. Then, there are some of us who are bold, gutsy, and fearless.

  • Profile

    Distilling tech speak

    Bryan Baker’s love of technology goes way back – as does his love for Lenovo ThinkPads. His failed ‘mad scientist’ experiments with technology, and his struggles explaining technology to others, is finally paying off.

  • Profile

    Young love

    At 14, Benjamin Herzig began a romance. Although it first seemed uncool to his friends, his love affair with ThinkPads is still going strong. Now 19, one of the youngest fans of the Lenovo INsider community is preparing to attend college with, of course, his favorite laptop.

  • 5 lessons online entrepreneurs must heed

    Running your own e-business is not just about having an enviable globetrotting life, says Beto Sanro founder of Mexired, an online training business for the Spanish-speaking world. In order to survive the inevitable ups and downs, you need to cultivate some key traits.