BYOD, Consumerization and the Cloud
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Which Way Forward?

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The initial promises of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) were huge: lower costs, infrastructure efficiency, and super-productive users. While some of the original benefits weren't always fully realized, VDI continues to play a critical role in how organizations connect users to the applications and data they need. It is an ideal solution for managing the desktop needs of very specific types of user bases.

See our infographic that tells the story.

VDI is ideally suited for:

  • Smaller user bases
  • User bases with a shared set of core application and file needs
  • Geographically centralized users

Efforts to extend or scale VDI outside of these parameters (BYOD and mobility efforts included) can generate big technical challenges and the need for more capex spending. Unlike the rigid infrastructure required for traditional VDI, cloud computing:

  • Takes a lighter, more distributed approach
  • Relies on the browser as an ultrathin client
  • Easily connects diverse users and devices to the resources they need
  • Lowers costs and improves user experience

The cloud faces its own challenges – security and governance issues are frequently cited as primary concerns. Even as the cloud radically changes IT around the world, worries about unproven innovation and rapidly evolving technology keep many organizations from fully considering cloud potential.

Lenovo believes the web and cloud computing are the future and is proud to offer webNetwork by Stoneware®, a cloud platform that unifies private data centers, public clouds, and local device resources through a common webDesktop. It’s as secure as your data center – with all the advanced authentication and manageability IT needs.

So what’s your path forward?

Lenovo understands these decisions are complicated, and we’re committed to working with our customers and partners to identify the smartest move forward, one step at a time.

Need help optimizing traditional VDI infrastructure? Lenovo can deliver the VDI platforms you rely on, supported by hardware innovations like our ThinkServer® RD340 and new ThinkCentre® M73 Tiny. Or, if you’re ready to consider smarter cloud alternatives, webNetwork is ready to connect you to the future. No matter the path, Lenovo's trusted solutions will help you get to where you need to be.

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