Best Practices for Server Migration with Windows® Server 2012

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Download your complimentary white paper Best Practices for Server Migration with Windows® Server® 2012, sponsored by Intel® and Lenovo, to read reasons to consider migrating to Windows® Server 2012 R2 as well as best practices for a successful migration. Just about everyone has heard stories extolling the benefits of cloud computing and virtualization, the twin forces behind the transformation of the way companies of all shapes and sizes “do” computing. But to take part in this information revolution, it’s critical to have the right underpinnings. That means not only upgrading the decade-old Windows Server 2003 operating system software that still drives more than 12 million servers, but also upgrading the underlying hardware to ensure you realize all the benefits the software can deliver. The combination of Windows Server 2012 and the latest Intel® Xeon®-based server hardware should be part of an IT strategy for companies and departments looking to modernize their IT infrastructure.

Lenovo ThinkServer tower and rack servers have several distinctive attributes that make them ideal for your server migration project.

  • Legendary ThinkPad quality: Lenovo is known the world over for the ruggedness and reliability of their ThinkPad laptops. This same dedication to quality is engineered into every ThinkServer system. With virtualization and consolidation putting more mission critical workloads on a single server, such quality and reliability is more important than ever.
  • Performance: To fully realize the ROI possible from server migration, servers need to deliver unmatched performance and capacity as never before. ThinkServer systems have consistently scored at the top of performance ratings as validated by third party organizations.
  • True openness: A simpler migration effort maximizes success. Having a straightforward system management approach is vital, whether that means using your OS vendor’s management tools, choosing among the available excellent 3rd party choices or using the system vendor’s tools. Lenovo ThinkServers have fully industry-standard system management interfaces that support all these choices without requiring any proprietary server management tools.
  • Unmatched value: Lenovo ThinkServer systems provide more performance, features and options that others charge extra for. What better way to improve ROI than to make the investment more affordable?

Organizations that aren’t already deploying virtual servers, and thinking about private or hybrid clouds for workloads from databases to line of business (LOB) applications, will no doubt be considering these options soon. The benefits are clear, including capital cost and manpower savings as well as reduced data center footprint, which saves valuable floor space and cuts energy costs. Outdated server hardware with 10-year-old operating systems were not designed to support the cloud. The need to match higher performance processors with large memory capacity, high speed and low latency storage, and faster network bandwidth are crucial for a virtualized environment that is the very foundation of a cloud ready infrastructure.

The benefits of migrating to Windows Server 2012 with the latest server technology are many, including:

  • increased efficiency through virtualization
  • improved energy efficiency from reduced server sprawl
  • increased productivity from more powerful and effective servers
  • more reliability from enhanced security and failover
  • better storage utilization from de-duplication

However, to achieve these benefits and more, the underlying hardware must be capable of fully supporting Windows Server 2012 with the speed, stability, and features required to execute the tasks and programs that ultimately deliver value to users and IT alike. Only by upgrading aging and often unsupported server hardware to the latest Intel® Xeon®-based ThinkServer systems from Lenovo will you be able to reap the full rewards of Windows Server 2012.

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