White Paper: Multi-Mode Notebooks & the Next Wave of Computing

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Work Has More Than One Mode, So Should Your Technology

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Download Multi-Mode Notebooks & the Next Wave of End User Computing sponsored by Lenovo and Microsoft, a complimentary white paper that explores recent user-driven trends in enterprise computing and how Lenovo is at the forefront of multi-mode computing.

The Changing Landscape of User Interaction

With the rapid adoption of tablets, smart phones, touch interfaces and "always on" connectivity, the last few years have seen tremendous changes in the way users interact with information. Users no longer simply rely on notebooks to create critical business information on local computers, they use them to create, consume, research, collaborate and communicate in a 24 hour a day, globally connected business environment.

Evolving the Enterprise

For enterprise IT, one of the most important aspects of this change is the movement away from corporate-provided notebooks to employees using their own tablets, smartphones and touch enabled laptops. This creates a more expensive, more complex and less secure IT environment. As enterprises move into the future, the need to comply with BYOD data security standards demands a response to this risk. Investing in products that are attractive and useful to employees, yet work within a secure environment, is one way to address concerns. One of the best strategies enterprise IT can use to address this challenge is to provide multi-mode notebooks as an upgrade from existing standard corporate notebooks. The multi-mode device provides the touch interface and physical design that lets it act as both tablet and notebook. It also has the size, weight, and battery life necessary to become the single device a user needs in the workspace.

Revolutionary Engineering From Lenovo

One design is particularly noteworthy for its ability to detach the screen to provide an actual tablet device, and to flip the screen over the keypad: the Lenovo ThinkPad® Helix. Engadget called it, "…the most innovative Windows 8 tablet hybrid we can think of."

Lenovo’s legendary heritage as the design innovator of the ThinkPad®, along with its significant investments in design, engineering, and reliability, make it the partner of choice to help your enterprise make the move to multi-mode and help your IT department remain a mission-critical resource within the organization.

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