Lower Costs & Drive Efficiency with Lenovo ThinkServers

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Lenovo Can Help You Rack Up Efficiency While Reducing Your Rackspace

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Explore a complimentary white paper, Lowering Costs & Driving Efficiency with Lenovo ThinkServers, and get the information you need to identify specific areas where ThinkServers help improve IT’s capacity and operating efficiency.

Most organizations spend 70% to 80% of the IT budget just to run their current infrastructure, with staff being the single largest expense. That means anything that makes staff more efficient provides the chance for real savings. Windows Server 2012 and Lenovo ThinkServers both address this problem, with a range of improvements that reduce operational and administration costs.

With larger and faster memory capabilities, Lenovo ThinkServers®, powered by the Intel® Xeon® processor, will help you get the most out of virtualization with:

  • Industry-leading benchmarks in key performance tests such as VMmark, IOPS and TPC-H
  • Easy integration and deployment using industry standard system and data management tools
  • Unparalleled reliability

The latest Lenovo ThinkServers are designed to improve efficiency with features such as:

  • The SmartGrid power management solution: ThinkServers that use SmartGrid allow for 50% more physical rack servers in the same power and cooling envelope as compared to previous generations.
  • ThinkServers are designed to dramatically improve reliability and keep downtime to a minimum. It starts by more effectively dealing with a key enemy of reliability – heat – with a cooling and airflow design that reduces heat build-up.
  • Lenovo expands the thermal envelope in which ThinkServers can operate, meaning a temperature spike or transient heat is less likely to result in a server shutting itself down.
  • Lenovo tests its servers at 40 degrees Celsius, rather than the industry norm 35.
  • ThinkServers have more reliable parts: capacitors with a 10- to 20-year life, compared to the 6- to 7-year industry norm.
  • The voltage regulator is tested to 70 degrees Celsius at 85% humidity, rather than 60 degrees at 80% humidity.

Evolving to Lenovo ThinkServers will add up to cost savings that will have a demonstrable impact on your bottom line.

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