Deploying More Efficient Infrastructure for Server 2012

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Take Advantage of a Decade’s Worth of Technology Advances Today

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Download your deployment checklist to explore the benefits and efficiencies of migrating to Windows Server 2012 on Intel® Xeon®-based ThinkServer® systems from Lenovo and upgrade with confidence.

According to Microsoft, more than half of the 20 million-plus systems running a Windows Server OS still run the decade-old Windows Server 2003. Most of those implementations are on long-obsolete hardware with limited or no availability of key spare parts. Perhaps more importantly, these aging servers can’t provide the substantial computing, capacity and efficiency advances we’ve seen in the past decade. This upgrade for both Windows Server and the underlying hardware on which it runs, delivers features, benefits and return on investment levels that were unimaginable back in 2003.

The benefits of migrating to Windows Server 2012 with the latest server technology are many, including:

  • increased efficiency through virtualization
  • improved energy efficiency from reduced server sprawl
  • increased productivity from more powerful and effective servers
  • more reliability from enhanced security and failover
  • better storage utilization from de-duplication

However, to achieve these benefits and more, the underlying hardware must be capable of fully supporting Windows Server 2012 with the speed, stability, and features required to execute the tasks and programs that ultimately deliver value to users and IT alike.

Only by upgrading aging and often unsupported server hardware to the latest Intel® Xeon®-based ThinkServer systems from Lenovo will you be able to reap the full rewards of Windows Server 2012.

Lenovo recognizes operational efficiency is one of the top customer requirements, and its new ThinkServers are designed to deliver on that goal. ThinkServers drive efficiency by reducing human administrative and management costs along with data center operational costs. They also deliver cost avoidance because of their inherent reliability. In short, all these costs savings add up to a quick ROI when organizations replace older servers with new Lenovo ThinkServers.

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