Migrating to Windows Server® 2012 with Lenovo ThinkServers®

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Infographic: Many Benefits of Switching to ThinkServer

Take Advantage of a Decade’s Worth of Technology Advances Today

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A few benefits of migrating to Windows Server® 2012 with the latest server technology include:

  • increased efficiency through virtualization
  • improved energy efficiency from reduced server sprawl
  • increased productivity from more powerful and effective servers
  • more reliability from enhanced security and failover
  • better storage utilization from de-duplication

However, to achieve these benefits and more, the underlying hardware must be capable of fully supporting Windows Server® 2012 with the speed, stability, and features required to execute the tasks and programs that ultimately deliver value to users and IT alike.

Only by upgrading aging and often unsupported server hardware to the latest Intel® Xeon®-based ThinkServer® systems from Lenovo will you be able to reap the full rewards of Windows Server® 2012.

In today’s world of cost-conscious computing, there’s a real focus on reducing operational costs. Power and cooling costs continue to climb, so anything that reduces a server’s eco-footprint will pay back month after month in reduced energy and data center infrastructure costs.

  • State-of-the-art server hardware, as in found in Lenovo ThinkServer® systems, is virtualization-aware, allowing it to draw more or less power based on the workload it’s handling at any given time.
  • Choosing hardware with these power-saving features enables you to achieve operating savings above and beyond those gained by consolidating physical servers through virtualization.
  • The benefits of the cloud are clear. You get added flexibility and easy access to additional resources. With the built-in virtualization capabilities of Windows Server®, you’ll get best-in-class features and performance.

Windows Server® 2012 offers a dynamic, multitenant infrastructure to help you scale and secure workloads and build a private cloud. It can help you provide:

  • Complete Virtualization Platform – a fully-isolated, multitenant environment with tools that can help guarantee service level agreements, enable usage-based chargeback and support self-service delivery
  • Improved Scalability and Performance – a high-density, scalable environment that you can modify to perform at an optimum level based on your needs
  • Connecting to Cloud Services – a common identity and management framework to enable highly secure and reliable cross-premises connectivity

Windows Server® 2012 offers a cloud-optimized server platform that gives you the flexibility to build and deploy applications and websites on-premises, in the cloud, or across both. Windows Server® 2012 can help you deliver:

  • Flexibility to Build On-Premises and in the Cloud – a consistent set of tools and frameworks that enables developers to build symmetrical or hybrid applications across the datacenter and the cloud
  • A Scalable and Elastic Infrastructure – new features to help you increase website density and efficiency, plus frameworks, services and tools to increase the scalability and elasticity of modern applications
  • An Open Web and App Development Environment – an open platform that enables mission-critical applications and provides enhanced support for open standards, open-source applications and various development languages

With these combined advantages, Windows Server 2012 and Lenovo Thinkservers® provide a powerful platform to improve your bottom line. Download the checklist now for a quick reference guide to 10 clear benefits when upgrading your hardware while migrating to Windows Server® 2012.

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