The Business Value of Migration to Windows Server® 2012

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Improve Your Business Results With Windows Server® 2012 and Lenovo ThinkServers®

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Download a complimentary white paper, The Business Value of Migration to Windows Server® 2012; sponsored by Intel® and Lenovo, which examines key benefits that can be used to lower costs, increase security, and improve the “speed to solution” in ways that are not possible in older versions.

Personnel costs are the single largest segment of most IT budgets, so making staff more efficient can really drive savings. The new ThinkServers help increase staff efficiency because they work with existing industry standards for system and data center management tools. This means ThinkServers are simple to install and deploy, making them good “team players” in your data center.

It’s no secret that unplanned downtime or system outages are expensive to deal with, especially when virtualization puts more mission critical workloads on a given server. Potential costs include staff time to remediate corrupted systems and data, tasks that are ignored during the “fire drill” of an outage, and time spent frantically trying to restart systems.

Lenovo designed its new ThinkServers around the idea that reliability is paramount.

  • The servers include components such as capacitors that have a 10- to 20-year duty cycle, not 6 to 7 years like the competition.
  • Lenovo also uses a fan system designed to absorb vibration, reducing failures by up to 40%.
  • Lenovo tests its ThinkServers to higher temperature and humidity extremes than other systems, to ensure they are more tolerant of temperature variances.
  • Each server has an advanced diagnostic panel built into the front of the device to provide instant status updates.
  • ThinkServers support increased workload density via their support for SpreadCore cooling, which increases cooling efficiency by 20%.
  • ThinkServers passed tests proving they can operate at higher temperatures and humidity than competitive systems.
  • ThinkServers use SmartGrid power management, which provides processor throttling, group level power capping, and can enable a data center to have as many as 50% more servers in the same power and cooling envelope.

The new generation of Lenovo ThinkServers provides the platform for the next step in virtualization.

  • With much larger and faster memory capabilities, coupled with faster interfaces to storage systems and networks, these servers can now support applications that had poor performance in virtual environments on older servers.
  • Lenovo ThinkServers also have industry-leading benchmarks in key virtualization performance tests such as VMmark, IOPS and TPC-H.

Any new technology initiative or purchase must meet the requirement of providing enhancements that will drive business success. Windows Server 2012 does this in a number of ways that are showcased in the complimentary white paper. The technical benefits of this new release are strongly aligned to the overall demands that organizations are making on their IT departments. The result is a platform well positioned to be effective far into the future, continuing to deliver ROI for years to come.

Get your complimentary copy of The Business Value of Migration to Windows Server® 2012 now.

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