WRITEit Faqs


Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about WRITEIT

What is WRITEit?

Lenovo WRITEit is a free app for use with touch and pen-enabled devices. It allows you to place a writeable canvas over any application, document or screen and easily save or share annotations. WRITEit also allows you to write in almost any text field where you would type.

What does WRITEit do?

WRITEit gives you the ability to make notes, draw or write anywhere on any screen or document. You can markup photos, web pages, videos, pdfs and more, then snip, save, and share. For converting handwriting to text, WRITEit recognizes your writing, offers suggestions for words, and inserts your writing as text or an image.

On what operating systems does WRITEit run?

Windows 8.x and Windows 10

Can I use my finger to write? Do I need a special pen?

WRITEit 2.0 allows you to use your finger or a digital pen. If your device is equipped with an active digitizer and pen, you can use the pen that came with your device. If you need to purchase a separate pen, please check the PC model that you have to make sure that you purchase the right accessory.

What if I just want to write on a blank canvas?

If you don’t want to write over the screen, just slide the transparency slider up, and you have a blank white slate to work with.

Do I have to save my entire screen?

No. You can use the clipping tool to select a portion of your canvas and save as an image or to the clipboard.

Can I still interact with the window under my canvas?

Yes. Simply minimize the canvas. You can use your mouse, keyboard, or finger to interact with the application window. Bring the canvas back and you can resume marking up the screen

What if I scroll down a page that isn’t on my screen, and want to write on it?

This version of WRITEit allows annotation only on what is on your screen. It’s best to get the screen or document sized for the screen before you start to write or draw on the screen.

How do I create a new canvas?

A canvas is launched automatically when WRITEit starts. You can also press the button in the upper left menu which will save your screen and start a new canvas

What devices are supported?

All devices that have a touch screen and/or active digitizer pens will work. This includes models that have been equipped from vendors such as Wacom and N-Trig. Basically, if you can touch your screen or write today, then WRITEit will work perfectly with your device.

What languages are supported by WRITEit?

At launch, WRITEit 2.0 supports English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese and Simplified/Traditional Chinese. More languages will be supported soon.

How do I enable/disable text input in WRITEit?

Simply left click on the WRITEit icon in the system tray, or right click and uncheck "Enabled". A grey icon indicates that it is disabled.

Is there a tutorial for WRITEit?

Yes. The tutorial will help you get the most out of the handwriting – convert to text function. When you launch the app for the first time, the tutorial will launch automatically or you will be asked if you want it to run. To access the tutorial at another time, right click the system tray icon and access the Settings menu; from there you can click on tutorial to access it again.

How do I change the settings?

Right click the WRITEit icon in the system tray and select Settings, or click the settings icon on the top menu when in canvas mode.

How can I get the latest version of WRITEit?

WRITEit updates automatically and overwrites your current version with a new version.

Where can I download WRITEit?

If you need to install for the first time, please click any of the Download links on this website.

Where do I signup to get updates about WRITEit?

Please enter your first and last name, email address, country and language in our signup form at the bottom of each page on this site.

Are there any apps or places where WRITEit doesn’t work?

There are no limitations when in Canvas Mode.
In text conversion mode, WRITEit automatically disables itself for the following applications:

  • Evernote
  • Excel
  • Lotus Notes
  • Lync Messenger
  • Nitro PDF Creator
  • One Note
  • Password fields

NOTE: This is not configurable in version 2.x, but may be in the future.

How can users submit feedback?

Users can submit feedback by right clicking in the system tray icon and selecting feedback from the menu. Users can also submit feedback outside of the app by visiting the following URL: http://writeitfeedback.uservoice.com

How do I get support for WRITEit?

Support is provided through the feedback option within the app itself. Right-clicking on the WRITEit icon in the system tray displays the option to give feedback.