"Hey Cortana, find the presentation I showed Jon last week."

When you use REACHit on Windows 10, Cortana gets even smarter.

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REACHit enables Cortana to search more places and find things faster - content on Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and multiple email clients, as well as tablets and other PCs connected to your REACHit account.

Your personal digital assistant

Now more powerful than ever.

Spend less time searching.

Cortana and REACHit lets you search your digital content using whatever details you remember - you don't even need to know the file name. No more searching multiple folders, logging into different cloud accounts or checking for email attachments.

Less Clicking, browsing, and digging.

Just ask Cortana.

If you know what you're looking for, Cortana can find it with REACHit. Say it out loud or type it in Cortana's search box and you're done. Cortana understands natural language, and gets to know you better the more you use REACHit. So whatever you remember about what you're searching for, just ask Cortana and she'll find it.

Using Cortana and REACHit is as easy as remembering the last time you worked on a file.

"Hey Cortana, where is the spreadsheet I worked on at Starbucks yesterday?"
With REACHit, Windows 10 users get an even smarter and more personal Cortana experience.

How it works

When you ask Cortana and REACHit to help you find a file, Cortana will search based on specific things you remember about the last time you saw it, like:

  • Where you were
  • Who sent it to you
  • What device you were on
  • Where it's stored
  • What it's called
  • When you last opened it
  • What kind of file it is
  • Who you were with


What is Cortana and REACHit?

Cortana and REACHit are actually two apps - Microsoft's Cortana, a personal digital assistant included with Windows 10, and Lenovo's REACHit, an app that lets you connect and search multiple file storage locations in one place. When you put them together, Cortana will find you any content in any storage location that is connected to REACHit.

Who can use Cortana and REACHit?

Cortana and REACHit works on any PC or Tablet running Windows 10, no matter what brand it is.

How does Cortana and REACHit work?

By using Cortana and REACHit on Windows 10 PCs or Tablets, you can use voice or text input to find files stored in the cloud, devices, and even individual emails. You can use natural language like ‘find the photos I took at Jane’s wedding’, and REACHit will use metadata like file-type, keywords, dates and locations to produce the most relevant results.

What does Cortana and REACHit cost?

It's free!

What can I search using Cortana and REACHit?

You can search for files and emails stored on:

  • Any device running Windows 10
  • Cloud accounts: Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive
  • Microsoft Exchange, Gmail

How is this different than using Cortana by itself?

Cortana searches Microsoft and Windows related locations - Outlook, OneDrive, your hard drive, etc. So with REACHit, the search capability is expanded. On top of that, REACHit helps Cortana know more about the context of when you were using a file, so you can ask her simple questions, like:
"Find the Christmas photos on Dropbox"
"Where is the proposal I worked on at Starbucks yesterday?"
"Find the presentation I showed Jon last week."

You talk about REACHit, but after installing I see "REACHit" and "REACHit for Cortana". Why do I have two apps? What’s the difference? Which one do I run?

To make the magic happen with Cortana, REACHit has two components. The first – "REACHit for Cortana" – makes it possible for REACHit and Cortana to talk to one another. The second – “REACHit” – provides the user interface for setting changes and indexes content to generate metadata.

When you download REACHit for Cortana from the Windows store, you’ll automatically get REACHit as well – there’s nothing you need to do.

To run the app, run the desktop app "Lenovo REACHit". You can just type “reachit” in the Cortana search bar, and it will show up in the list. When you run this, it will automatically run REACHit for Cortana in the background.

We know this is confusing, and one of our priorities in the future is to change this to be a single app.

Cortana is finding none of my stuff – why not?

If Cortana isn’t finding anything, you likely have a network connectivity issue (the app needs to be connected to function). Make sure you have an internet connection, and try again.

I just installed REACHit for Cortana and tried to do a query, but I’m not getting results – how come?

Generating metadata from your content takes time (could be hours, depending on the amount of data you have). Executing searches immediately after install will result in limited or no results found. Give it a few hours and try again.

Why isn’t Cortana finding any of my calendar entries?

Calendar entries can be used as contextual clues to find files, but you cannot search for and display specific calendar entries. This is currently a limitation of Cortana, but we’re working to enable it!

I deleted a file and/or removed a device or service from REACHit for Cortana, but I still see results associated with the things I deleted. Why?

There can be a delay between the action of deleting or removing a file / device / service, and that change propagating to the metadata that is used to generate search results. It usually ‘takes’ in an hour or two, but could take up to 12 hours.

Cortana and REACHit just finds things on my local PC and Bing – it’s not finding results on my cloud services / email / other devices. How come?

This could be due to two things. One, REACHit may not be running. You can go into the icon tray and check for the red REACHit icon. If it’s there, you’re good. If not, you need to run REACHit. Also, users have the option to have the My Stuff search powered by Microsoft or REACHit. Ensure that REACHit is selected in the dropdown menu (see below).

I speak to Cortana but she frequently misunderstands me. Why?

This is most likely caused by the device’s audio subsystem or ambient noise levels. Different devices have varying levels of audio input quality. The alternative is to type searches instead – you can use natural language just like if you were speaking!

Why am I not getting the results I expect?

It's hard to say without knowing what devices / services you’ve enabled and what query you’re trying to do. But generally speaking, if a query doesn’t work try re-wording it slightly. Different phrases that mean the same thing to you and me can actually be interpreted differently by Cortana. This will improve over time.

How can I opt out of REACHit?

The only way to opt out completely is to uninstall the app, and select ‘remove my data’ when asked. If you just want to limit certain aspects of the app, like which folders / services get indexed or location tracking, those choices can be changed in the Settings for REACHit.

What should I do if I get a message saying "REACHit can’t connect due to a certificate error"?

If the Fiddler debugging proxy (or similar) is running, this can interfere with the connection. To resolve this, close Fiddler (or similar app), close REACHit, and then restart REACHit.

Why is Cortana and REACHit not finding any of my recent Exchange mail, even though I know it’s a valid search that should be returning results?

If you used to be able to search for your Exchange mail and see recent results but no longer can, it likely means the indexing has stopped. The solution is to go into REACHit settings, delete the Exchange account, and then click the Exchange icon to re-add the account. This will restart the indexing process. Since your account is being re-indexed, it could take anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days before you’re able to search and find results.

Many thumbnails aren’t showing up in the results when I do a photo search. What’s going on?

  • The system may need more time to download and render the thumbnails. We try to strike a balance between having all of the content shown vs. the time the user has to wait for results to show up. One way around this is to execute the search a second time – if you do this, the thumbnails will have likely been downloaded. We’re working on a more elegant fix for this.
  • If the picture results are from a device that is currently offline, the thumbnails will not show up because they cannot be retrieved.
  • If the result is an image attached to a Gmail, thumbnails will not be shown. This is a known limitation.

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