Thank you for using REACHit!

We hope you have enjoyed using the REACHit application, however it has come time for us to discontinue support of this application. As of September 12th, 2016, the application will no longer be available for use. Below is a list of commonly asked questions regarding the sunset of REACHit. We appreciate your feedback and support! Stay tuned… we think you’ll like what’s coming next from Lenovo Software Solutions. -The Lenovo Software Solutions / REACHit Team


What happens if I try to log-in to REACHit on September 12, 2016?

The REACHit servers will no longer be accessible on, and after September 12, 2016. Therefore, you will be unable to log-in to the application.

What happens to all my files and emails?

REACHit does not store any of your actual files or emails and they will remain unchanged. While you will not be able to access them through REACHit, they remain where you originally stored them and you will be able to use the application specific to where your files are located to access them (e.g. Google Drive Software, One Drive Software, etc.). Any data that has been collected will be managed in accordance with the REACHit Privacy Policy. This privacy policy is part of the onboarding agreement when you first installed REACHit.

The REACHit application is still on my system, what should I do?

The application will not harm your system if it stays installed. If it is your preference, you can choose to uninstall the application.
Here is how to uninstall: If you are a Windows 7 and 8 User: Open Control Panel and go to Add/Remove Programs. Find “REACHit” in the list and click on the uninstall button.

If you are a Windows 10 User:
  1. Type "Apps & Features" in the search window
  2. Type "REACHit" into the search bar in the right hand panel. Click on the REACHit title and click uninstall. NOTE: If you have REACHit for Cortana on your system, you will need to also click on the "REACHit for Cortana" entry and uninstall that.