Put REACHit to work at home, in the office and on the go


Your most important files, always within reach.

Easily keep track of your most important personal files, family photos and backups stored in the cloud.

Over Shoulder

Simplify the way you use the cloud.

Move files between Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and Box with just a few clicks.

Over Shoulder

Leave the drives and cables behind.

Grab a file from home while you're on the road or copy photos to the family PC on the go.

Testimonial "An awesome file manager!" --- Vishnu S., Engineering Student, Kerala India

File management software for all your devices and your personal cloud

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    Access PCs Remotely

    Get content quickly and securely to and from any device that has REACHit installed.

    REACHit storage mobile
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    Find the Right File Fast

    Search once through all your stuff or navigate in a drive-style layout and sort by file type.

    REACHit search
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    Consolidate Your Cloud

    Connect all your cloud accounts to REACHit and browse through everything all at once.

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    Manage Photos in a Flash

    Find your photos right when you need them – no matter where they are, or where you are.

    REACHit Photos
Testimonial "It does everything I need – absolutely great app!" --- Ria S., Graphic Designer, North Carolina USA

REACHit for Windows 10

Praise for REACHit

  • market watch

    "Consumers are more and more connected, and the ... data generated continues to grow. REACHit helps take the chaos out of managing multiple devices and storage solutions"

  • zdnet

    "...searching for, accessing and transferring files between multiple cloud services is a real-world problem. Lenovo just released a ... solid solution: REACHit"

  • cio

    "An experience that is not only extremely cool today, but one that evolves to help our users locate and manage their content – no matter where it is."

  • ces

    REACHit was named one of the Top 10 apps in the CES Mobile Apps Showdown, as voted by the public and CES 2015 attendees.