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Product recycling programs


Packaging Recycling

Lenovo has joined the Repak consortium for collecting and recycling product packaging waste. Owners or last users or product packaging should contact their local municipality or visit the Repak website at www.repak.ie to identify collection points or obtain additional information about packaging recycling.

WEEE User Information

Users of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) with the WEEE marking per Annex IV of the WEEE Directive must not dispose of end of life EEE as unsorted municipal waste, but use the collection framework available to them for the return, recycle, recovery of WEEE and minimize any potential effects of EEE on the environment and human health due to the presence of hazardous substances.

WEEE From Private Households (Consumers)

Lenovo has joined the WEEEIreland consortium for the collection and treatment of WEEE from consumers. Consumers should contact their local municipality or visit the WEEEIreland website at www.weeeireland.ie to identify collection points or obtain additional information about the treatment of this WEEE.

Distributors must either take back WEEE on a 1:1 basis or display a notice informing retailers about the available collection systems.

WEEE From Other than Private Households (Business)

If you are a Lenovo Enterprise Customer, you can profit from the residual value of the equipment you want to dispose by using Lenovo’s Asset Recovery Services. Click HERE to receive an immediate estimate.

For more information about this Lenovo’s Asset Recovery Services (ARS) offering to business customers, please see the section below.

For free WEEE recycling of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) placed on the market after August 13, 2005 and EEE placed on the market before August 13, 2005 that is part of a 1:1 replacement sale, Lenovo has contracted with EARN to collect and treat this qualified WEEE from businesses unless alternative arrangements have been made. For this qualified WEEE, businesses should go to the EARN website at http://www.earn-service.com/lenovo/form_e.html and complete the submission form to make arrangements for free collection and treatment.

For EEE placed on the market before August 13, 2005 that is not part of a 1:1 replacement sale, businesses are responsible for this WEEE and should consider the following Asset Recovery Solution offering.

Lenovo Asset Recovery Services

Lenovo offers Asset Recovery Services (ARS) to business customers to help manage their end-of-life technology equipment by providing PC take-back, data destruction, refurbishment and recycling. Lenovo also offers additional services including inventory, value assessment, on-site de-installation and data encryption. This service gives customers an end-to-end solution from Lenovo from the point of computer purchase to take-back and disposal.

Lenovo's expertise in managing the end-of-life computers can help customers eliminate the time and expense of managing the disposal of surplus or replaced equipment themselves. Additionally upon request, Lenovo can facilitate donation of the old computers or can help customers receive cash back for them.

Businesses interested in using these services should contact their local Lenovo Sales Representative. For more information on Lenovo Asset Recovery Services (ARS) please click here.

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