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Lenovo products - The ECO Declarations (Environmental data sheets)

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Japan J-MOSS (JIS C 0950) Product Declarations

Lenovo’s ECO Declarations follow the ECMA 370 standard, which has been developed in accordance with international standards. They provide basic information on the environmental attributes of each product covering material use, energy efficiency, acoustics, packaging, disassembly and recycling.


The ECO Declaration sheet (that is, Environmental Data Sheet) is available for each of our products. As reference, the ECO Declaration template is available in German - Deutsche Vorlage der IT Eco Deklaration (Annex A) and Deutsche Vorlage der IT Eco Deklaration (Annex B).


Click the link below to see the sheet for each product.


Lenovo ThinkStation C20/C20x
Lenovo ThinkStation C30
Lenovo ThinkStation D10
Lenovo ThinkStation D20
Lenovo ThinkStation D30
Lenovo ThinkStation E20
Lenovo ThinkStation E30
Lenovo ThinkStation E31 SFF
Lenovo ThinkStation E31 Tower
Lenovo ThinkStation E32 SFF
Lenovo ThinkStation E32 Tower
Lenovo ThinkStation S10
Lenovo ThinkStation S20
Lenovo ThinkStation S30
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