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Social responsibility resources

Certifications and Registrations Ethics Corporate Policies
External references Product quality and safety Employee welfare
Global supply chain Programs, Partnerships, and Associations Environmental
Green Papers Sustainability reports
Sustainability reports- link
2013 Sustainability Report
2012 Sustainability Report
2011 Sustainability Report
2010 Sustainability Report
2009 Sustainability Report
Lenovo's Annual & Interim Reports
Sustainability Policy

Environmental - link
Climate Change Policy
Climate Change Objectives and Targets
Corporate Policy 5 - Environmental Affairs Policy
ENERGY STAR® Qualified Products
ISO 14001 Certificate
Lenovo / ULE Video
Lenovo asset recovery and recycling services
Lenovo Energy Calculator
Lenovo Europe’s Green Computing microsite
Lenovo GHG verification statement for FY 2009/10
Lenovo GHG verification statement for FY 2010/11
Lenovo GHG verification statement for FY 2011/12
Lenovo GHG verification statement for FY 2012/13
Lenovo Paper Sourcing Policy
Lenovo Product's ECO Declarations (Environmental data sheets)
Lenovo Q&As concerning the European Union Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) (Feb 2006)
Lenovo US Product Recycling Q&A (Apr 2012)
Lenovo Waste and Water verification statement for FY 2011/12
Lenovo Waste and Water verification statement for FY 2012/13
Lenovo's Actions to Address Conflict Minerals (Feb 2014)
Lenovo's Product Mercury statement (Jan 2010)
Lenovo Product's Battery Information
Lenovo PCF Strategy
Lenovo’s Progress on RoHS (Jan 2013)
Lenovo’s Secure Data Disposal tool
Lenovo Statement concerning WEEE (Jan 2013)
REACH: SVHC Disclosure (Jun 2014)
Think Green – Climate
Think Green – Waste and Water
Think Green Products - Energy
Think Green Products - Materials
Think Green Products - Packaging
Think Green Products – Recycling
US Battery Recycling & Disposal Guidance
US Consumer Recycling Program
What’s New: Lenovo’s Green Initiatives

Global supply chain- link
Conflict Minerals Update (May 2014)
Baseline Environmental Requirements for Materials, Parts and Products, 41A7731 (Sept 2013)
Eradicating Slavery and Human Trafficking (Dec 2011)
Expanded Packaging Materials - Prohibited Expansion Agents, 41A0610 (Nov 2010)
Materials Declaration RFQ Template (Jun 2013)
Lenovo Guide to Full Material Disclosures (Version 1) (Aug 2013)
Lenovo’s commitment to social responsibility (Mar 2008)
Lenovo’s Product Content Restrictions and Packaging Requirements 
OEM/ODM Packaging Requirements, 45J5388 (Nov 2013)
Packaging Materials, Environmental Requirements, 41A0612 (Dec 2012)
Packaging Specification – Packaging Process Checklist, 45J5386 (Oct 2009)
Packaging Specification – Packaging Cosmetic Requirements, 45J5387 (Jan 2010) 
Packaging Materials, Environmental Requirements, 41A0612 (Nov 2012)
Recyclable Packaging Materials - Selection and Identification, 41A0613 (Jan 2013)
Field Replaceable Unit (FRU) Packaging, 41A0615 (Nov 2012)
RoHS / REACH Engineering Specification, 41A7733 (Sept 2013)
Wooden Packaging - Material Selection, Treatment, and Marking Requirements, 41A0609 (Nov 2010)
Policy on Tin from Indonesia (Mar 2014)

Employee welfare
Corporate Policy 3 - Responsibility for Employee Health and Safety
OHSAS 18001 Certificates

Lenovo Employee Code of Conduct
Statutory publications

Product quality and safety
Corporate Policy 1 - Quality policy
Information about Safe and effective computing
ISO 9001 Certificate
Corporate Policies
Climate Change Policy
Lenovo Employee Code of Conduct
Commitment to Accessibility
Commitment to Diversity and Non-discrimination
Data Privacy Policy
Employee Health and Safety Policy
Environmental Affairs Policy
Privacy practices on the Web
Product Safety and Ergonomics
Sustainability Policy
Quality Policy

Green Papers
Addressing Climate Change at Lenovo White Paper (Apr 2013)
China Greentech Sustainability Executive Brief (Apr 2013)
Lenovo Energy White Paper (Apr 2011)
Lenovo Low Halogen White Paper (Apr 2011)
Lenovo Packaging White Paper (Apr 2011)
Lenovo Recycled Content White Paper (Apr 2011)
Lenovo Reductions in Power Use (Apr 2012)
Lenovo ThinkPad Design for Environment White Paper (Apr 2011)
"Green PCs for a Smarter Future" White Paper (Jul 2010)

Certifications and Registrations
Nordic Ecolabel
TCO Development Ecolabel
TUV Green Mark
UL Sustainable Product Certification

Programs, Partnerships, and Associations
Climate Savers Computing Initiative
Consumer Electronics Association
EICC membership list
Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition
EICC Code of Conduct
International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI)
Solar Solutions
US Recycling Centers

External references
Computer & TV Recycling in Maine
EPEAT’s registry search tool
eRecycle.org (California Recycle)
Illinois Electronic Waste Recycling
Minnesota Recycle Consumer Electronics
Oregon E-Cycles
TIA E-cycling Central
US Recycling Centers

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