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Think Green

Both the environment and the bottom line - look good in green. Supporting the environment without sacrificing profits.

Lenovo Green products and services
Lenovo’s Commitment to the Environment

Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership in all of our business activities from operations to product design and recycling solutions. Lenovo's corporate policy on environmental affairs is supported by the company's ISO 14001 certified global environmental management system (EMS), which is key to our efforts to achieve results consistent with environmental leadership and ensures the company is vigilant in protecting the environment across all of our operations worldwide.
Click here to see our ISO 14001 certificate.

Lenovo’s Commitment to Sustainability

Environmental responsibility is only one aspect of Lenovo’s overall sustainability program. Sustainability for Lenovo means taking care of the long-term economic, social and environmental health of our company and the communities in which we operate. Lenovo is a global company and we demonstrate corporate social responsibility everywhere we conduct business.

Learn more about Lenovo’s sustainability initiatives by accessing our Sustainability Report.

Environmentally Responsible Products
Product environmental leadership is a fundamental component of Lenovo’s environmental policy. This policy requires each of our product groups to develop, manufacture, and market products that are energy efficient and that minimize their impact on the environment. Lenovo is an industry leader with respect to energy efficient products, the use of environmentally preferred materials and green product packaging.

Lenovo offers end-of-life recycling and management programs for both business and consumer customers. As a global company, Lenovo offers programs in many countries around the world. Specific offerings are tailed to your specific geographic location and business need. Free product recycling is offered to consumers in some locations. Please visit our recycling program page for additional recycling information.

To learn more about the Lenovo ThinkPad's Design For Environment initiatives, please read Lenovo's white paper on this topic.

Our Choose Green, Choose Lenovo brochure provides an overview of Lenovo's environmentally responsible product offerings.

For a complete interactive overview of Lenovo’s Think branded products and services click here.

Combating Climate Change

Lenovo recognizes that climate change is a serious threat and believes that we should all do our part to reduce harmful greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.  Lenovo acknowledges and accepts the findings of current climate science which indicate a human contribution to climate change.  We support the consensus conclusions of the scientific community described in the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.1 The company accepts the call to action which arises from these conclusions.

Lenovo is dedicated to reducing our global carbon footprint.  We have developed a comprehensive strategy to address all aspects of our business, set aggressive objectives and targets, and we are measuring our performance against each objective and target to insure that we stay on track.  Lenovo commits to absolute reductions in the emissions of greenhouse gasses from company operations and to drive and facilitate similar reductions in Lenovo’s supply chain and customer base through the implementation of a comprehensive climate change strategy.  Lenovo’s climate change strategy will be consistent with the findings of developing climate change science and a goal of maintaining global economic security.

Visit our climate change page for more information on the specific actions Lenovo is taking to reduce harmful GHG emissions. 

1Link to IPCC 4  website with report.


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Energy use calculations are based upon actual internal testing of Lenovo Desktops, Notebooks and Monitors. The calculation methodology assumes feature rich mainstream Lenovo hardware with the energy management features disabled operating 365 days per year. Transportation emissions calculations assume air freight shipment and maximum recorded distance from point of origin to destination for Lenovo products.

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