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IT is emerging as a competitive advantage for companies. PCs have transformed from being productivity enhancers to profitability enablers. This creates pressure for businesses to carefully choose their machines. In a crowded market, here are the top parameters that will help in making the right decision.

1   Mobile Business PCs
2   Security features
3   Hardware vs. Maintenance costs
4   Services portfolio
6   Energy efficiency and green computing
7   Product portfolio
8   Global capabilities
1 Mobile Business PCs
Mobile Business PCs By design, laptops should be durable and portable. They should offer features that allow increased productivity without you having to worry about managing connections or recovering lost passwords. Many organisations are adopting varied working structures such as mobile offices and require flexibility to support business needs such as virtual meetings or online conferences.
2 Security features
Mobile Business PCs A recent study estimated the cost of one stolen laptop to be nearly USD 50,0001. Business PCs should have a robust suite of security features that will enhance your organisation’s security layers. The laptop must come with Remote PC Disabling that will help to secure your data in the event of it being stolen. Check if you have the option of hard disk drive retention in case your organisation would prefer to retain the upgraded or failed hard disk drives. Further, these features should be integrated seamlessly with the services of an anti-theft software security provider.
3 Hardware vs. Maintenance costs
Mobile Business PCs Independent studies2 show that the purchase price of a new PC represents only 20 percent of the Total Cost of Ownership. The balance 80 percent is what your organisation spends on deployment, security and upgrades. The purchase price should never be the sole factor driving your PC purchase decision. Do consider savings that you might get across the lifecycle of a PC, which is typically 3 years for laptops and desktops.
4 Services portfolio
Mobile Business PCs The strong support of vendor services for your PC fleet rollout is important in helping your organisation stay focussed on what’s significant. Apart from imaging services, check if the company will ship PCs with third-party accessories that your organisation might need. They should also be able to enable customised system settings for BIOS, partitioning etc.
Mobile Business PCs The newest versions of Windows offer superior enterprise features for fleet management, productivity and security which are essential to support a mobile workforce. Migration to a new operating system is usually accompanied by PC upgrades for a better user experience. Therefore it’s important to ensure minimal impact to the existing set up and provide users with a smooth transition experience. Custom imaging services and technologies that enable user self migration are critical for a successful rollout by the IT department. What’s important to consider here is the company’s track record with large migrations. Do check customer testimonials or case studies that the company might have.
6 Energy efficiency and green computing
Mobile Business PCs Small power efficiencies in the PC fleet add up to big dollar savings. When building up an IT and PC infrastructure, power management on a fleet and individual PC level should be key considerations. Power management software on the PCs should be purpose built applications. Products should ideally be GREENGUARD® certified. It might also be worthwhile to check out the green manufacturing practices adopted by the PC company.
• Is recycled plastic being used where possible?
• How green is the packaging?
• Do the manufacturing plants have sustainability ratings?
Attention to these details ensures that you’re not just choosing the best PC, but also making a responsible environmental choice.
7 Product portfolio
Mobile Business PCs Every set of employees has specific computing needs that tie in to organisational goals. The PC maker should be able to offer a variety of solutions that you can study for the best fit with your organisation. From tablets and ultraportable laptops to ISV3-certified workstations, a vendor that has a wider range of products on offer can reduce installation and deployment challenges and be a single source for all user hardware.
8 Global capabilities
Mobile Business PCs Some PC makers have strengths only in limited regions. You should check for consistent capabilities and the ability to make customised deliveries across the globe. You should be informed and comfortable about the reach of the company’s distribution channel and technical support. On-site support should be definitely avaliable in the countries that your organisation operates in.
1Study by the Ponemon Institute and Intel®, Apr. 2009
2In a study commissioned by Intel® Corporation, May 2009 and Jan 2010
3ISV: Independent Software Vendor
A Fortune Global 500 Company with US $25 Billion in worldwide revenues
World No. 2 PC maker with customers in 160 countries
No.1 in Emerging Markets
No.1 in the Worldwide commercial laptop market
The only PC manufacturer to figure in Forbes’ list of ‘10 High Tech Companies that are Genuinely Green
Listed by Forbes as one of the Most Reputable Companies
On the Honour Board of the Hang Seng sustainability index with an A+ rating
Awards at CES 2012
  • Lenovo PCs won 14 awards at the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012
Innovators of ThinkPad
  • Lenovo® is the maker of the ThinkPad®, the ultimate business laptop with a number of innovations for business users including the TrackPoint®, Stainless Steel Hinges, Active Protection System and spill-resistant keyboards. The ThinkPad T420s offers all of this and more including a low light-sensitive webcam and dual microphones for video conferencing.
Global manufacturing and research facilities
  • Lenovo has state-of-the- art manufacturing and assembly facilities in Brazil, China, India, Mexico, and USA. The company’s major research centres are located in China, Japan, and USA.
Enabling smoother transition
  • Lenovo Transition Services offer a suite of services from customised imaging to asset tagging at the factory prior to shipment, saving time and expense on system deployment
Enhancing security layers
  • In partnership with Sophos, Computrace®, and Intel®, ThinkPad® laptops offer multi-layered levels of security and anti-theft solutions, like the Computrace® Theft Management Solution and Intel® Anti-Theft technology
Lowering TCO with ThinkVantage
  • Lenovo ThinkVantage® Technologies (TVTs) cover each phase of the PC lifecycle including Deployment, Support, Asset Management and Disposal
Minimising unplanned expenses with ThinkPlus Services
  • Lenovo’s ThinkPlus® Services for Large Enteprises allow you to minimise unplanned operating and maintenance expense by offering you a suite of service solutions like Accidental Damage Protection, Priority Support and Warranty Extensions and Upgrades
ThinkPad Torture Test - ThinkPad Tablet
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