Lenovo Services – Accidental Damage ProtectionLenovo’s Accidental Damage Protection¹ gives you the peace of mind to know your investment and budget are protected from the hassles of unexpected repairs and expenses. It covers accidents beyond the system warranty and protects your notebook or tablet² PC from non-warranted operational or structural failures incurred under normal operating conditions.

Why Accidental Damage Protection (ADP)?

Here are some factors to consider:
  • • IT Departments don’t have to purchase and manage spare inventory to fix damaged PCs.
  • • Lenovo’s comprehensive diagnostic tools can identify hidden damage that may have otherwise gone untreated.
  • • International repair centers with in-country language support for coverage when and where you need it.
  • • Based on a sample of Lenovo claims, ADP can save, on average, 28%³ versus the typical cost of notebook repair, and 75 - 80% for tablets.
  • • Typical replacement costs for commonly damaged components:

Component To Be RepairedTypical Repair Cost
System Board Up to $500
DVD Drive $200
Hard Disk Drive $300
Minor Damage to Tablet $250
Table Replacement of multiple parts³ Up to $600
LCD Display $450

With a single, predictable upfront investment, you can decrease downtime, increase productivity, and accurately predict and budget service costs for the year. Depending on the number of systems covered over the life of the installed base, you could save significantly on unplanned repair expenses.

What’s Typically Covered?

Accidental drops, spills, bumps, and structural failures incurred under normal operating conditions or handling, electrical surges and damage to the integrated LCD screen.

  • • Your system accidentally slips off the table and the LCD screen cracks.
  • • An electrical surge causes significant damage to your PC’s hardware during a lightning storm.
  • • The coffee spills on the keyboard and the extent of damage is unknown.

What’s Not Covered?

Cosmetic damage, theft, equipment loss or failures due to usage outside of normal operating conditions. Any data loss or interruption of business. Damage to peripherals or third-party products, even if sold by Lenovo.

  • • The outer case cracks but your system still operates effectively.
  • • You’ve left your PC behind on the subway.
  • • The system is used in the rain, and you lose an entire day of productivity because your PC no longer functions.

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  1. 1. Available for upgrade on notebook/tablet systems within 90 days of purchase. Service term begins concurrently with product warranty. For ThinkPad Tablets, repair is limited to one service "event" per year with one replacement (if needed) allowed over the lifetime of the tablet
  2. 2. ADP is available on ThinkPad Tablets only
  3. 3. Based on internal repair data
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