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Virtualization for ThinkServer

Professional services for ThinkServer

Partition a ThinkServer into multiple virtual machines so you can instantly reassign and shift server resources as business needs change. Virtualization allows you to run multiple applications and operating systems independently on a single ThinkServer giving you flexibility and scalability while at the same time minimizing your hardware, power consumption, and maintenance expenses. Click on the links below for more information or for a customized proposal.  
The Smart Approach
Assessment Phase
  • Create a baseline of your current environment for purposes of architectural design and virtualization - considerations
  • Determine the right virtualization strategy.
  • Document potential return on investment savings
  • Evaluate key risks and mitigation plans for the implementation.

Design Phase
  • Design optimal solution taking into account network infrastructure and document specific configurations
  • Create detailed virtualization plan which mitigates risks and ensures a smooth transition with minimal business interruption
  • Test and configure the solution in your environment
  • Provide solution document that includes the proposed design

Implementation Phase
  • Implement the solution as designed and tested
  • Provide technical support for the solution implementation
  • Train your systems administrators to effectively manage the new virtualized environment

Other Professional Services for ThinkServer
OS Installation, Migration, & Consolidation

Security Assessment & Monitoring

Business Continuity

Systems Management

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