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Security Assessment & Monitoring for ThinkServer

Professional services for ThinkServer

Secure your IT environment and confidential data with periodic site scans to test port and application layer services against internal defenses. Perform remote audits to test against external services. This service allows you to assess your current security against known vulnerabilities and potential risks. Recommendations and implementation support are available to better secure the environment.  
The Smart Approach
Analysis Phase
  • Perform site scan including network discovery, port scan, and application scan to identify system services
  • Perform remote audit to test vulnerabilities of perimeter defenses.
  • Evaluate password policies and strength
  • Perform penetration test for DNS spoofing & WLAN war driving
  • Database audit to assess and analyze vulnerabilities
  • Policy analysis to access current policy and verify control
  • Server audit to test against Microsoft, NT, Novell, or Unix for cracks
  • Document and formally report potential threats and vulnerabilities

Design Phase
  • Design solution to address any exposures

Implementation Phase
  • Implement the recommended defense enhancements
  • Provide technical support for the implementation

Other Professional Services for ThinkServer
OS Installation, Migration, & Consolidation

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