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OS Installation, Migration, & Consolidation

Professional services for ThinkServer

Simplify the transition to your new ThinkServer from basic setup, storage configuration, operating system installation, to migrating applications and data. Plans are made to ensure future scalability of your infrastructure as well as consolidate and remove underutilized servers to control costs. Click on the links below for more information or for a proposal tailored to your specific needs.  
The Smart Approach
Assessment Phase
  • Create a baseline your current environment for purposes of architectural design and rollout considerations
  • Determine the migration and consolidation strategy for all required server functions
  • Document potential return on investment savings
  • Evaluate key risks and mitigation plans

Design Phase
  • Design optimal solution infrastructure for the server deployment and document specific configurations
  • Create detailed migration and consolidation plan which mitigates risks and ensures a smooth transition with minimal business interruption
  • Test and configure the solution in your environment
  • Provide solution document that includes the proposed design

Implementation Phase
  • Confirm all hardware and software components are ready and schedule the deployment
  • Deploy the solution as designed and tested
  • Provide technical support for the deployment
  • Train your systems administrators to effectively manage the new infrastructure

Other Professional Services for ThinkServer
Security Assessment & Monitoring

Business Continuity


Systems Management

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