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Systems Management for ThinkServer

Professional services for ThinkServer

Leverage your new ThinkServer to centralize control and management of your PCs within an integrated server console. A properly designed and implemented solution will simplify software application and patch distribution, allow you to fix problems remotely, add monitoring and alerting capability, and reduce costs through easy and efficient asset management. Click on the links below for more information or for a proposal tailored to your specific needs.  
The Smart Approach
Assessment Phase
  • Determine the systems management features and functions required to most effectively manage your unique environment
  • Inventory environment and map network of your current IT environment
  • Identify any technology gaps and interoperability requirements within the environment
  • Document potential return on investment savings

Design Phase
  • Select and design an optimal package of systems management software to deliver the functionality needed in your environment
  • Test and configure the proposed solution
  • Provide solution document that includes the proposed design

Implementation Phase
  • Install the designed solution and run a test of agreed to system management usage cases.
  • Provide operational training to your Systems Administrator or designated owner
  • Technical support for the implementation phase

Other Professional Services for ThinkServer
OS Installation, Migration, & Consolidation

Security Assessment & Monitoring

Business Continuity


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