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Business Continuity for ThinkServer

Professional services for ThinkServer

Plan for the unexpected and protect your companies IT operations and data from security threats to catastrophic events. Let us help you safeguard key applications and services so they will be available when you need them most. Industry leading tools and approaches are used to protect you from risks. Click on the links below for more information or for a proposal tailored to your specific needs.  
The Smart Approach
Assessment Phase
  • Analyze your current disaster recovery processes looking at crisis management and response, IT and Work area recovery
  • Create a baseline your current environment for purposes of architectural design and rollout considerations
  • Create a business continuity strategy to safeguard your operations

Design Phase
  • Design the optimal solution for a more resilient IT and physical infrastructure
  • Create detailed Business Continuity plan which mitigates risks and ensures information protection and disaster recovery
  • Test and configure the solution in your environment

Implementation Phase
  • Implement designed solutions for information security and disaster recovery
  • Simulate issues, test and validate plans
  • Train your response team to effectively manage the new process
  • Plan for ongoing management and reporting of Business Continuity program

Other Professional Services for ThinkServer
OS Installation, Migration, & Consolidation

Security Assessment & Monitoring


Systems Management

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