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The insight you need to manage your system support requirements.
Lenovo reporting services provides detailed reports around warranty claims and install base issues. This service is actively managed by our solution delivery team and is designed to provide data to be used to assess on-going service level requirements.
Why Lenovo Service Reporting?

Your team relies upon Lenovo’s global service delivery network to maintain your Lenovo install base over the course of its planned life. By serving as your trusted source for break-fix warranty repair Lenovo is able to actively track your usage, issues, service levels and other information that your team may require. This data provides the insight you need to plan your service levels, terms of support and resource support appropriately to assure maximum productivity and maximum efficiency.

Ask yourself:
  • Is tracking install base maintenance requirements important?
  • Do you require quantitative data to support resource planning and IT investment?
  • Do you have a proactive strategy to determine necessary service levels to avoid unplanned downtime?
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*If technically possible, you will remove or secure all proprietary, confidential or personal data before presenting the product to us for repair or replacement and back up valuable information and data in a format external to the product to enable you to reconstruct lost or altered data or programs if necessary.

**Parts not covered by ThinkPad Protection may be covered by the Warranty terms.