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ThinkPlus Priority Support

Your ThinkServer system operates in an “always-on” condition for years at a time, providing business-critical services to your company. So if it requires attention, you don’t have the luxury of waiting for technical support. You need ThinkPlus Priority Support, a consolidated support package for both hardware and software that provides fast, dependable, advanced IT support for your ThinkServer system through a single source.

ThinkPlus Priority Support is a robust package that includes:
24x7 telephone support
Simplify support with a single source for hardware and software expertise — available when you need it the most.

Next-business day onsite service*
The partner you trust, at your place of business during regular business hours, with the parts and expertise to fix the problem right the first time.

Priority call routing
Readily available access gets you to the front of the call queue.

Advanced level technicians
Fast problem resolution from technicians with the expertise you expect and deserve, to diagnose and solve problems quickly.

Basic software usage and installation support
Telephone-based software troubleshooting for Lenovo-supported applications, including ThinkServer EasyStartup, EasyManage and EasyUpdate. Click here to see the list of supported software titles.

Try ThinkPlus Priority Support for 90 days
Some new ThinkServer systems come with a 90-day trial of ThinkPlus Priority Support to ensure support during the most critical time of ownership.

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