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Services for small business

ThinkPlus Services for small business
You have business to attend to. Leave your IT support to Lenovo. Our suite of services for small and medium businesses will keep you on the right track. If protection and security are important to your business, choose ThinkPlus Secure Business to protect your Lenovo computing assets and your critical business data.
Think Service. Think Lenovo.
Lenovo offers a complete menu of services to help small businesses with their IT needs. From financing to disposal and all steps in between, count on Lenovo to keep your data safe and your business productive.

Warranty Extensions & Upgrades
Upgrade to a higher level of service or prevent costly out-of-warranty repairs by extending the term of your base warranty.
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ThinkPad Protection
Protect against unexpected damage and unbudgeted expenses. Get coverage for damages not covered under warranty.
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Lenovo Online Data Backup
Secure your vital business data with our offsite data encryption and storage solution. Restore it simply via the Internet on any PC, anywhere in the world.
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  Hard Disk Drive Retention
Once your data, always your data. If your hard drive fails and it is still covered under warranty, Hard Disk Drive Retention lets you keep your old drive and hold on to your data.
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PC Recycling
End of life solutions for environmentally-responsible PC disposal and recycling
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Learn more about economic options to help you get the Lenovo systems your business needs.
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Technical support
Try our award-winning Web support.

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Browse our catalog for product and solution course offerings.

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