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Imaging Service

Whether you need standard services or more dynamic ImageUltra service, Lenovo helps you achieve the best possible image to deploy throughout your entire organization.  
Which service is right for you?  
Choose ImageUltra™ if you...
  • Have difficulty managing operating system transitions
  • Manage several different national languages
  • Constantly manage a changing mix of hardware platforms
  • Need many standard or customized applications — or both — beyond the core image
  • Want the latest PC technology functionality
  • Need to reduce the number of images you currently manage
  • Built your own ImageUltra Builder image and want a Lenovo image specialist to test and validate
  • Require Lenovo to migrate or modify an existing ImageUltra Builder image
  • Would benefit from creating a module for integration into your ImageUltra builder solution
  Choose Standard Services if you...
  • Need a Lenovo built image, customized with a single language and operating system and your company’s applications
  • Built your own custom image and you want a Lenovo image specialist to test and validate it
  • Want to update the operating system, applications, or drivers on your existing image
  • Want to add an additional language to your image
  • Plan to migrate your image to a new hardware platform
  • Plan to migrate software images to a new hardware platform
  • Need pre- or post sale integrated testing across server, client systems, mobile products and options — or testing with your non-Lenovo components
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*Lenovo has Imaging Centers in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina; Yamato Japan; Shenzhen, China and Bratislava, Slovakia. These centers provide custom image creation, management, compatibility testing and other services.