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Custom Imaging

Lenovo custom imaging services can save businesses an average of $179 per PC, per year over the life of the system.  
According to industry analysts, managing PC images can represent as much as 50 percent of total hardware costs, with 30 percent of internal computing staffs dedicated to dealing with this problem.

Most companies require custom-built images to meet specific business needs, consisting of various hardware, operating systems, languages, network drivers and business applications. Each unique image must be developed, tested, managed, maintained, backed up, and documented — all of which takes time and money.

When this process is applied to thousands of individual PCs, it quickly becomes a costly and time-consuming problem that drains IT resources and budgets.
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*Lenovo has Imaging Centers in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina; Yamato Japan; Shenzhen, China and Bratislava, Slovakia. These centers provide custom image creation, management, compatibility testing and other services.