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What do our customers say?

An excellent staff, innovative solutions and complete attention to deliver a valued service to satisfied customers.  
"With the ThinkPlus Imaging Services, students' systems were personalized during the first boot-up. And the Rescue & Recovery tool also proved critical on the first day of the laptop rollout, when numerous systems had to be re-imaged."
- IT Manager
Daviess County Public Schools, KY

QinetiQ saved on the labor time and costs that are typically required during initial rollout by not having to oversee the imaging process in-house. Also, the Lenovo delivery method met our high-security needs."
- VP, Information Technology
QinetiQ, United Kingdom

"Egro decided that with its limited staff, it wanted its notebooks to be pre-loaded with custom imaging and so it utilized ImageUltra Services, delivered through the Lenovo Imaging Technology Center."
- Director
EGRO, Switzerland
  Comments from other customers...

"I appreciate the quality and effort that comes from your imaging center. When I receive the images, I do not have to modify anything. This saves me both time and money. Thank you Lenovo.“

"The Imaging Center personnel have been superb to work with, and instrumental in the success of my projects.“

"The service was great, it would be hard for me to suggest any areas of improvement.“

"My experience with the folks at Lenovo’s Imaging Center was fabulous! It was certainly a process which we will exercise again and recommend to others. We had a very tight time line and the Lenovo engineer delivered without complication. It was a pleasure!“

"I found your staff prompt, efficient, and helpful. Follow through was excellent. Perhaps next time you could make some minor mistake so that I could give you tips on how to improve.“

"The Imaging Technology Center engineer did an excellent job communicating to us what was needed and checking with us on the testing of the final product. We did some minor adjustments and those were handled very quickly and effectively. Excellent Job!"
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*Lenovo has Imaging Centers in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina; Yamato Japan; Shenzhen, China and Bratislava, Slovakia. These centers provide custom image creation, management, compatibility testing and other services.