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Advanced Deployment Services (ADS)

An automated installation wizard intuitively automates the PC deployment process from within the image.  
The Problem: After an image is restored to a system, a great deal of time is spent to configure and deploy the image to all end user systems, including domain assignment, user specific application installation, user data migration, etc.

The Solution: ADS fully automates the image deployment processes so technician’s touch time is reduced to a few minutes or to zero.

With ADS, the PC deployment process is automated by way of a simple to use interface. All the user has to do is power on the system and answer a few simple, menu-driven questions. This will kick off a the personalization of the PC to match the user’s needs.  ADS allows different departments within an organization to consolidate their configurations into a single ADS package that can be applied to any image.  Examples of custom image configurations include location/geography, job function and language.

Estimated cost to image a single PC using the old technology
Loading the image 30 minutes
Configuring the PC 1 hour
Migrating data 1 hour
Total 2.5 hours
  $125 x 1000 PCs = $125,000
A deployment scenario for a 1,000 unit purchase, assuming an IT technician makes $50 per hour.
Estimated cost to image a single PC using ADS

Cost of ADS Development $10/PC
Cost to load ADS onto each PC $25
  $35 x 1,000 PCs = $35,000

Development costs depend on the complexity of the customer's requirements.

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