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Asset Recovery Services for Business

Lenovo Asset Recovery Service
A comprehensive, end-of-life asset disposition portfolio

Lenovo offers customers a convenient process for managing their aging IT Assets. Focused on mitigating environmental and security risks, Lenovo ARS recovers maximum value for your old electronic assets.

 • Convenient single-source solution through Lenovo
 • Certified environmentally responsible and secure disposition
 • Recover maximum value from replaced equipment

Quick. Easy. Green.
End of life product take back solutions from Lenovo let you dispose of old assets and receive cash back for purchasing new PCs or for other company projects. Lenovo ensures secure and environmentally safe disposal of your obsolete electronic equipment – regardless of original manufacturer.
Asset Recovery Services brochure
Standard package:

 • Service delivery management - single point of contact and reporting
 • Data destruction - overwrite or destroy data for security
 • Value recovery - return value for remarketable assets
 • Logistics and shipping – pick up, package and securely transport assets from client location
 • Processing - receive, test, and prepare equipment for resale
 • Recycling - proper disposal for obsolete equipment
 • Certification – certificates of data destruction and environmental processing

Complimentary assessment
Contact your Lenovo representative today and inquire about a complimentary assessment of your systems’ worth. Lenovo can develop an efficient plan to help remove your old assets in a secure and environmentally conscious manner. Or you can e-mail us at SSC@lenovo.com (US and Canada only).

  Optional services:

 • Discovery - inventory IT assets either remotely or on-site with a value assessment
 • De-installation - dismantle and move assets to central area on-site for pickup
 • Data encryption - secure data in shipment
 • Refurbishment - prepare assets for redeployment, donation, lease return, or employee sale
 • Quarantine hold assets for specified time period to ensure all data was migrated properly
We are here to help
Call 1-866-96-THINK and talk to a Lenovo solution specialist.

Learn How to Uncover Maximum Value for Aging IT Assets with This Video.

View Lenovo Asset Recovery services video
Case Study: what Lenovo Asset Recovery Services Can Do for Your Organization

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