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Lenovo In-Place Migration

Lenovo®’s In-Place Migration Services saves you time and money, minimizing employee downtime, and allowing your IT staff to focus their resources on business critical issues.

It’s a question that IT professionals in large enterprises hear again and again:
"It’s just a PC. How hard can it be to migrate from XP to Windows 7?"

Lenovo Services – In-Place Migration

Historically it’s more complex and expensive to migrate PCs because after they’re initially deployed, users “make them their own," adding apps, creating files, downloading music and photos, and more. When migration time rolls around, organizations at one end of the spectrum handle the basic operating system settings and leave all the rest to the user, while companies at the other end send waves of IT staff from floor to floor, burdening employees with multiple deskside visits and disrupting work schedules.

Rapid Safer Migration Process

Lenovo helps you move from XP to Windows® 7 with Confidence.

In-place Migration suite of tools eliminates the pain points and ensures a fast, consistent, successful migration from Windows® XP to Windows® 7 Professional. Users get on the path to productivity with the full Lenovo Enhanced Experience for Windows® 7 as quickly as possible.

Discover, Control, Audit, Automate

We are not looking to reduce desk side support ... We are looking to eliminate it! Lenovo In-place Migration takes the workload from undermanned IT support groups and puts zero-touch OS migration tools in their hands. Now you can control, audit and automate the deployment of Windows® 7 with confidence.

Lenovo Services – In-Place Migration Control & Inform

  • • Deployment Scheduler
  • • Visual process management
  • • Notification & confirmation
  • • Image distribution
  • • Migration launch
  • • Exception handling
  • • Pre-populated ITIL processes
  • • vPro provisioning

Audit & Alert
  • • Migration verification
  • • Real-time status
  • • Visual process management
  • • Reporting & documentation

  • • Hardware discovery
  • • Software inventory
  • • Progressive Categorization
  • • Plug-in console (no residual footprint)

Tangible Benefits of In-place Migration
  • • 30% - 40% lower migration costs
  • • 50% faster migration
  • • Lower risk
  • • More consistent results

Migration Toolset Functions
  • • Full OS installation
  • • Applicaton installation
  • • User, network, security settings
  • • Data & personality migration
  • • XP or Vista® migration
  • • No legacy footprint


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