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Lenovo Warranty Support Services

ThinkPlus ServicesThinkPlus Services Priority Support

Protect Your Investment

You require excellence in PC support to keep you and your system on-the-go.  Lenovo’s Warranty Support Services provide flexible options to meet your home-office needs and a single source solution giving your IT staff the freedom to focus on business objectives. Learn more.

  • Warranty Extensions are available for periods of up to five years, depending on your system,  giving you a fixed-term, fixed-cost service solution that allows you to accurately budget for equipment expenses

  • Warranty Upgrades allow you to vary the response time and level of service of your initial base warranty , matching your critical support needs


Lenovo ThinkPlus Services

   The Benefits
  • • Match service coverage duration with the expected lifecycle of your PCs.
  • • Minimize unplanned operating and maintenance expenses.
  • • Increase uptime and productivity for your business, processes or end-users.
  • • Consistent service levels for multi-national organizations, in-region and local-language support convenience of service delivered at your place of business.


ThinkPlus Priority Support

   Essential Support for IT Professionals

  • • ThinkPlus Priority Support is an essential support solution that gives helpdesk staff direct access to the right level of support on the first call, making your priority our priority. Learn more.

ThinkPad and Lenovo Care Notebook Protection

  • • Avoid productivity disruptions while minimizing unexpected PC repair costs with Lenovo Protection Programs, a predictable way to budget for accidental damage are not covered under system warranty. Learn more.



Flexible Options to Meet Your Needs

   Depot or Courier Service:

  • • Parts and labor repair coverage where shipping (including packaging) or delivery to the repair center is paid for by Lenovo.

   Onsite Service/In-Home:

  • • Parts and labor repair coverage where labor is provided onsite at your place of business or your home¹.

   International Warranty Service (IWS):

  • • PC repair coverage for customers who require a critical warranty repair while traveling internationally.
  • • International Warranty Service is available, but regional differences in service level may apply.
  • • Additional service level upgrades may be available in specific countries for a given Lenovo system².


ThinkPlus Warranty Brochure

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  1. 1. Next day service is not guaranteed.
  2. 2. Special arrangements are possible upon request.
  3. *If Lenovo determines your product problem is covered by the product warranty and cannot be resolved over the telephone, a technician will be dispatched to arrive onsite, typically the next business day.
  4. **Service is available during Lenovo’s normal in-country business hours. Calls received after 4:00pm local time will require an additional business day for service dispatch.
  5. *** Onsite service is available in metropolitan areas only.