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ThinkPlus Priority Support

ThinkPlus Priority Support is an integrated product support solution that gives you and your staff direct access to the right level of tech support on the first call, making your priority our priority.

With ThinkPlus Priority Support, you will bypass basic troubleshooting and experience shorter hold times, reduced repair times, and higher first time fix rates. This frees up your resources to focus on mission-critical business activities.

At a (low) predictable cost, Priority Support gives you scalable and flexible product support coverage to meet your internal SLAs and improve the end user experience, without hiring additional staff.
Feature Benefit Outcomes
24 x 7 telephone tech-to-tech support
Simplify support with a single source for HW and SW expertise — available when you need it most, 24x7.
  • Reduced Troubleshooting Time
  • Fewer Repair Actions
  • Faster response
  • Simplicity
  • Expanded capabilities without fixed cost investment
  • Strategic focus
  • Reduced downtime, higher end user satisfaction
Priority call routing
Readily available and direct access to support with calls routed through priority call queues, typically answered in 1 minute or less
Advanced Level Technicians
Effective problem resolution from technicians with the expertise you expect and deserve, to diagnose and solve problems quickly.
Escalation management with customer-defined severity
When complex issues arise, an escalation process manages the issue until it’s solved.
Third party software support[i]
Lenovo will provide best effort troubleshooting on problems with preloaded 3rd party SW applications.  For software usage issues beyond Lenovo’s scope of 3rd party SW support, Lenovo will facilitate a transfer to the 3rd party SW vendor.
Selectable repair labor service levels Priority Support comes packaged in a variety of repair labor service levels and support durations. Simply choose the service level or protection package that’s right for you, and enjoy the added benefit of integrated advanced tech support.  


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[i] Customer must have service contract with software vendor.  If customer does not have software agreement, Lenovo will provide courtesy transfer to appropriate vendor toll-free support line.  Service is limited to software vendor service hour