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Lenovo Customisation Services

Lenovo Customisation Services can help you ensure your systems are ready for business right out of the box.  Anything from creating custom images to asset tagging can be done in our factory prior to arrival at your location, saving you valuable time and expense on system deployment.  Our extensive portfolio of Customisation Services covers you at every stage of the product lifecycle, from deployment to asset disposal.  A single source solution that allows you to get down to business quickly and at reduced costs.*  Let us design a custom solution for you!  

Image creation, load, and management
Load in manufacturing reducing time onsite, and manage ongoing using our experts & proven process

Custom delivery
Schedule delivery, over-pack & bundle; remove packaging materials for easy receiving and distribution

Recycle and asset recovery
Securely erase data and recycle in accordance with local standards. Receive value for resold assets.

  Asset tagging
Let Lenovo assist you with asset management.  Our asset tagging services allow you to streamline deployment, saving you time and reducing the risk of loss or theft of valuable technology assets.

Migration planning
Develop a plan for migrating operating systems or rolling out new PCs

Technical support
Try our award-winning Web support.

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*According to Gartner, the cost to deploy a PC is significantly higher than most people would expect. Automating the process represents a 65 percent savings in comparison to manual deployment.