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Services for government and education

Budgets are tight. Let Lenovo Services stretch your limited dollars - or even add to them

Lenovo provides the tools that are at the fingertips of those who run our federal, state and local governments and to those who are advancing their education to be the leaders of tomorrow.  Keeping our current and future leaders up and running, efficiently and without interruption is the mission of our Lenovo Services team focused on these sectors.
What is Your Key Issue?
  • Are you looking to control cost outlays by extending the life of your PCs? Do you have limited IT staff to respond and resolve PC technical issues? 
  • Do you have remote staff or students that are offsite that have limited or no IT support?

ThinkPad Protection
Do you have a significant mobile install base for traveling users?

ThinkPlus Warranty Services
Do you purchase for students who use their mobile in the classroom? Do you have an inventory of loaner systems that are imaged and a repository of user data available for users who PCs are damaged?

Hard Disk Drive Retention
Does your institution’s or agency’s privacy policy require you to physically retain your hard drives?

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