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ThinkPad protection

The ultimate protection for the ultimate business tool.
ThinkPad protection keeps you productive, avoiding costly downtime resulting from damage to your notebook. ThinkPad protection gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your notebook is protected.
Why ThinkPad Protection?
  • ThinkPad protection lowers the notebook’s total cost of ownership by extending its life and protecting your investment.
  • Quick repair and replacement of parts ensure efficient problem resolution and increase your productivity.
  • Service is provided by Lenovo, not a third party insurer, so instead of filing a claim, you deal with a simple repair/replacement process.
  • Data is quickly and securely transferred to a new PC in the event replacement is required*
Ask yourself:
  • Is minimizing downtime important?
  • Is convenient coverage for accidental damage important?
  • Is worry-free repair or replacement of value?
  • Are you in a mobile work environment?
  • Do you need to accurately budget for repair expenses?
  What’s covered?
  • Damage from drops and falls under normal use
  • Damage from electrical surges
  • Liquid spills
  • LCD damage
What’s not covered?
  • External peripherals
  • Accessories not installed by Lenovo at time of purchase
  • Batteries**

ThinkPad Protection does not cover theft or loss, intentional fire, cosmetic or pre-existing damage or damage resulting from misuse or use under abnormal operating conditions. ThinkPad Protection must be purchased within 90 days of the purchase of your new ThinkPad and your service term begins concurrently with the product warranty.
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*If technically possible, you will remove or secure all proprietary, confidential or personal data before presenting the product to us for repair or replacement and back up valuable information and data in a format external to the product to enable you to reconstruct lost or altered data or programs if necessary.

**Parts not covered by ThinkPad Protection may be covered by the Warranty terms.