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Lenovo Services – Transition ServicesLenovo transition services life cycleIn today’s business environment, the only constant is change. Lenovo’s comprehensive portfolio of Transition Services can help enterprises like yours better prepare for and execute the everyday transitions happening in your company. We offer a single source solution with award-winning services supporting the entire lifecycle of your PC systems. Lenovo’s Transition Services save you valuable time, resources, and expense, from purchase, through deployment, to aged asset recovery.

  • • Hardware refreshes
  • • Operating System migrations
  • • Moving to a multiple image environment
  • • Introducing new system types or CRM tools into your workforce
  • • Rolling out PCs to a mobile sales force
  • • Retiring your assets

Deployment Optimization Services

Preparation, planning and deployment of PC systems is time intensive and cost prohibitive. Lenovo offers the perfect balance of efficiency and performance, shifting expensive, labor-intensive desk side services to an automated process leveraging industry best-practices.

Imaging Design

With Lenovo Image Design Services you get direct access to Lenovo engineering expertise. We provide a customized image based on the needs of your organization, maximizing your hardware investment and saving significantly over the life of your systems. Learn More >

Automated Provisioning

Refreshing your hardware with new PCs? Lenovo’s Automated Provisioning provides an efficient process that delivers a consistent, correct and complete solution for your company. Your PCs arrive ready to perform.

  • • Eliminate manual image loading
  • • Secure PC’s with anti-theft, encryption, & hard disk passwords
  • • Enable system management tools, including Intel® vPro & ThinkVantage Tools

Asset Tagging

Lenovo asset tag example

Lenovo’s Asset Tagging Service, executed in production, ensures your PCs are protected from day one. Your systems come equipped with a professional, flexible asset tag based on your exact specifications. PCs are easily identifiable and trackable right out of the box. Learn More >

  • • UL and CSA certified label material
  • • 9 label sizes to choose from
  • • Asset tag numbers loaded into BIOS
  • • Tamper/wear/abrasion resistant labels

In-Place Migration

Lenovo’s in-place Migration suite of tools eliminates the pain points and ensures a fast, consistent, successful migration from Windows® XP to Windows® 7 Professional. Users get on the path to productivity with the full Lenovo Enhanced Experience for Windows® 7 as quickly as possible. Learn more >

Life Cycle Management Services

Financial Services

Lenovo provides flexible financing solutions to complement your technology solution and maximize your purchasing power. We are a total solution provider with competitive rates, meaning you can bundle the costs of the complete technology solution. We finance all brands of hardware, software, service contracts, installation costs, training fees and even the sales tax to complete your Lenovo solution. Learn more >

Asset Recovery Service

Lenovo’s Asset Recovery Service provides secure, documented disposal of IT assets and data, helping to mitigate the environmental and data security risks associated with end of life asset disposal. Learn more >

We are here to help. Call 1800-425-9003 / 1800-300-29929  (Lenovo Idea series) 1800-425-2666 / 1800-307-07555  (Lenovo Think series) and speak with a Lenovo Representative.

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Technical Support

Try our award-winning Web support. Learn more >

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1 - According to Gartner, the cost to deploy a PC is significantly higher than most people would expect. Automating the process represents a 65 percent savings in comparison to manual deployment.