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Deployment and managed services

From deployment to disposal, Lenovo has plans for your equipment life cycle

You can count on Lenovo’s end to end solutions for system deployments with a single point of contact and accountability. From deploying new machines to disposing of old ones, every stage in the product lifecycle is taken care of by Lenovo, so you can get down to business quickly and at reduced costs.* Let us design a custom solution for you!  

Migration planning

Develop a plan for migrating operating systems or rolling out new PCs

Factory integration
Customization of system settings, installation of options, partition of drives, and more...

Image creation, load, and management

Load in manufacturing reducing time onsite, and manage ongoing using our experts & proven process

On-site installation
Set up system, transfer data and personality, connect to networks and peripherals


Technical support
Try our award-winning Web support.

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*According to Gartner, the cost to deploy a PC is significantly higher than most people would expect. Automating the process represents a 65 percent savings in comparison to manual deployment.