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Did You Know?

On April 8, 2014 Microsoft will discontinue all Windows XP support. Hot fixes, updates, and patches for XP will no longer be available and new hardware chipsets will not support XP.

In-place Migration Service Advantages

Lenovo Services – In-Place MigrationLenovo's In-Place Migration (IPM) ensures a fast, consistent, and successful migration with a proven methodology that can lower your costs and resource allocation significantly.

  • •  30–40% lower costs and 50% faster migration versus standard in-house execution.
  • •  Complete OS migration without the need to utilize desk-side technician resources.
  • •  Lenovo has performed over 10,000 migration projects and will help you control, audit, and automate migration with confidence.

What is In-place Migration?

Operating system migration is a massive, resource intensive endeavor. Multiplied across hundreds or thousands of PCs, the process can be overwhelming and costly for any enterprise. According to Gartner, migrating from XP to Windows 7 can cost $1,035 to $1,930 per user1. Lenovo's proven methodology can reduce your costs significantly.

  • •  Full OS installation
  • •  Application installation
  • •  User, network and security settings
  • •  Data and personality migration
  • •  Migrate from XP or Vista®
  • •  No legacy footprint

Control, audit, and automate the deployment of Windows 7 with confidence


Discovery and Categorize Control and Inform Audit and Alert


  • • Hardware discovery
  • • Plug-in console (no residual footprint)
  • • software inventory
  • • Progressive categorization


  • • Deployment Scheduler
    • - Visual process management
    • - Notification & confirmation
  • • Image distribution
  • • Migration launch
  • • Exception handling
  • • Pre-populated ITIL processes
  • • vPro provisioning



  • • Migration verification
  • • Reporting & documentation
  • • Real-time status updates
  • • Visual process management

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  1. 1  "Cost Model: Migration to Windows Vista and Windows 7”. Gartner research paper, ID Number: G00167193; Publication Date: 14 May 2009.

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